6 mile loop. Perfect for training. Beautiful scenery. It's fairly popular on weekends but it's big enough that it doesn't cause a problem. The loop isn't really a hiking trail. I can't speak to any others.

fair length, road at some places need maintaining have bunch of big cracks, bumps and pot holes. can get busy with people so you have to slow down a lot until people move over, especially when ur space for navigation is narrowed due to pot holes. All in all its worth it.

It's so beautiful park n great place to hike.

Was wondering if it was if it was OK to metal detect these trails??

Beautiful park, sculpted and manicured grasses, all the vegetation is cut back from the asphalt trail so you don't risk getting ticks or bugs on you. Usually there's a good amount of hikers and bikers using the trail, though, so if you're looking for something isolated or meditative, this might not be the one.

2 months ago

Beautiful lake. Back trail is beautiful. Pretty wildflowers.