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The Oil Creek Valley is the site of the worlds first commercial oil well. Oil Creek State Park tells the story of the early petroleum industry by interpreting oil boomtowns, oil wells and early transportation. Scenic Oil Creek carves a valley of deep hollows, steep hillsides and wetlands.

13 days ago

Probably the best marked trail system I've been on. Moderate trail in all seasons. The 6 mile Gerard Loop (red) is perfect for snowshoeing & running. About 95% of the trail is firm, even in wet weather. The remaining 5% may be 3-5 inces of mud/water. If you go in cold weather you may be the only one on the trail so prepare accordingly.

I would like to start out by saying, this is in NO WAY an easy trail. I may not be in the absolute best shape, but this is at the very least a moderate rated trail. There are a set of steep switchbacks and a big majority of it is large up and down hills, as well as lots of rocks, roots, and mud. It is also way longer than the 5.7 miles claimed, we only went as far as the falls, as the GPS shows, and we tracked 7.8 miles - we were very sore by the time we were done! The falls were nice, but you only get a far away view, although we did off-trail down to get a closer look, which in hindsight I wouldn't recommend - it was a little sketchy of a climb (slide) both up and down. Overall it's not a bad trail, nothing to write home about but a good spot if you live in the area - pretty boring in the winter with nothing to look at besides dead trees, other than a small area near the falls with a lot of pine that was very beautiful. It was pretty muddy on a lot of the trail, with some spots having small foot bridges and some not. There are also a few benches and a picnic table along the way if you care to bring snacks or a picnic lunch. One bench is at the top of a nice overlook. I'm sure it would be a lot more attractive during the other seasons when there are leaves on the trees.

2 months ago

Truely deep woods PA...

2 months ago

to start out it was a wet rainy day hike, and it was 4 days after they held a 100 mile trail run...so it was muddy to say the least. Having gotten that out of the way, what a great track. I did the 12 mile loop in about 5 hours (would of been faster, but took a wrong turn....twice.) and had a fantastic time navigating the mud, the rocks, the steep switchbacks and everything else this trail had to offer. The complete trail is much larger then what's on this map and I am planning on completing it later next month.
I fell in love with the character of the trail with in the first mile. You spend most of the time under the canopy of the forest all while moving along the side of the mountain with some pretty steep drop offs. If you are trekking this during the rain, take extra caution in your footing. One wrong trip could send you down a long way below. I slipped a couple of times, mostly on random wet tree roots.
There are a couple of well marked scenic views, but unfortunately for me it was a foggy day and could not see much.
The two camping areas have bathrooms and fresh water available. And I highly recommend spending the night at one of the shelters available at either Cow Run or Wolfkeil. What a way to spend the night out in nature.
Sorry for the rambling on, but I enjoyed this place so much, my wife and I have already planned 2 more trips here for early winter weekend hikes and staying in the shelter.

3 months ago

When you come to the trail it is divided by Miller farm road, take the trail head on the right side to get to plum dungeon falls. The trail is mostly uphill but not difficult. It's well marked with yellow blazes and the trail is clear but a bit muddy in areas. I did not see any other hikers, it was nice and quiet. I took my dog with me on a leash, there are hunters in the area so wear bright clothes. You will eventually come to the sign for the falls but it's on the ground, if you look to your right you'll see a bench to view the falls.

this is a great biking trail, I've only been here once, with my girlfriend and two children, we only did a 8 mile ride, seen a eagle and took the kids on a train ride, we had a great time. we can't wait to get back to this park, next time just her and I so we can bike the entire 20 miles, if you like to bike and hike this is a great place there's a lot of hiking trails off the bike path and I believe there's a total of 4 waterfalls, and over 40 miles of hiking trails. this park is very rich in history as well.

3 months ago

Technical my dog and I went on a 7 mile hike and camped out at Wolfkiel. Didn't realize that we would have to listen to coon hounds, traffic, gun shots and fireworks. Not good when you have a dog with thunder phoba. Finally at around 3am we heard the sounds of nature. Owls, coyotes and the deer eating acorns right outside of our tent. Something threatened one of the deer as it was stomping and snorting. Oh well guess I won't be doing this trip again. At least the weather was perfect.

4 months ago

Great starter for first time backpackers!

5 months ago

it a fun easy trail

Awesome bike trail. Very easy to ride.

The hike was nice but there wasn’t a loop. I asked many other hikers and they couldn’t find the loop either.

Nice trail. Some uphill hiking at first, if coming from Miller farm road. Went in early June. Took about an hour.

8 months ago

Really loved this trail. The peak has a great over view of Oil Creek. Looking forward to the next hike!

8 months ago

This trail gets three stars for one main reason - it is labeled as a loop trail; however, there is NO trail that branches off and makes this a true loop. I am guessing whomever created this trail just made their way through the woods down to the train tracks and followed the tracks back to the bridge. Not a good idea considering a very large train came by while I was on the trail. That being said the out and back trail is very cool. Lots of ups and downs - and a very neat mid-1800's graveyard along the way. Gorgeous scenery, a couple nice waterfalls, and a neat section where you have to cross a bridge and climb some steep steps. Going to have to check out the Oil Creek State Park website to find the actual name of this trail.

9 months ago

This trail tracked as 13.7 miles for us. We had no trouble finding the trail at the beginning but we had some difficulty down by pioneer bridge.... and somehow tracked off course on a trail extension after also some confusion at the Miller Run Rd. Section. Some of the trail blazers are faded and the trails could use a few more signs. If we hadn’t been tracking using this app we would have been lost a couple times. That being said it is a great trail system. Lots of inclines and descents, beautiful scenery, and varied terrain. Will definitely be returning to this one!

a nice little hike. good view of a creek and a nice water fall. a short hike with a good payoff view.

10 months ago

beautiful little easy hike. just enough elevation change to get the heart rate up a little bit, crosses over a couple small streams. very pretty, and very doable. doesn't actually end at the base of the falls, FYI.

11 months ago

It took me about 6 hours to do this trail in the snow with poor weather conditions.

When you arrive in the parking lot with GPS walk under the blockade that prevents motorized vehicles from being on the path. Once your on that path you will come to a sign that points to the right that says Cow Run. Follow the sign until it comes to a T with a road. Go left until you come to the small cabins. To do the trail clockwise look between the restrooms and the woodpile lean to for the yellowish/orange markings on the trees.

It’s a *very* well marked trail once you find it and get on it. I had trouble finding the beginning of the trail near the restrooms and lean to.

There are some fun bridges along with beautiful scenery and a creek on this trail. I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Be wary, the Museum is closed on Mondays.

trail running
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I don’t know where the description gets 36 miles but if you are looking for a full loop of the Girard hiking trail from trailhead to trailhead (starting at the Drake well museum trailhead) it’s about 26.5-27 miles with about 4600 feet of elevation gain/loss depending on what you use to track your hike/run. If you want a smaller loop you can do a five mile loop and there’s also a 12 mile loop option.

These are my favorite trails to run (I live 1 hour away) and you can’t beat the gorgeous views. Some parts of the trail are technical with roots and rocks but quite a bit of it is runnable. It is also very well marked so it’s difficult to get lost. I STRONGLY recommend that if you’re in the area and looking for a scenic run/hike/walk that you come here!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This is a great hike. There are some amazing vista along this trail along with a few waterfalls. You can backpack this trail but camping is only allowed at the shelters. The shelters are very nice structures that have built in fireplaces. There is wood available for a donation. I believe you can also tent camp at the shelters but please check with the park office. I believe reservations are required. I hiked this trail on 3 different days. There are cross connectors that will allow you to do smaller loops. One of the cool things about this trail is the history of Oil Creek. You can see a lot of the old equipment used during the oil boom.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Beautiful trails, peaceful camping. Definitely will be back!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

it Was really peaceful an I enjoyed it a lot gonna go back soon

Friday, January 15, 2016

This is the best trail in northwest PA. Be sure to check out the museum too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nice trail ! For the whole family.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Overall the trail is a very beautiful hike with a fair amount of history to see. Bird activity was decent, saw a pair of eagles several times during the hike. Lots of animal sign. Trails are well marked. This is not a beginner's hike, should be in good shape to tackle it. Even with low water, the waterfalls were a nice view. Can also take a short train ride for a nominal fee if you are so inclined. We had some younger boy scouts with us, had an alternate plan to break off to level ground for those unable to complete the full hike.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Amazing trail! This trail is by far one of my favorites! It is located in a history rich area with plenty of activities for all ages. Beautifully maintained trail with amazing campsites at Cow Run and Wolfkeil.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

trail is well kept and neat. the views on the trail are worth hiking the whole trail and not parts if you do you miss photo spots.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

There are many trails to explore in this state park. All are very well-groomed and scenic. Terrain can be flat or steep, depending on your preference.

mountain biking
Tuesday, July 09, 2013

This trail starts at Drakes Well Museum in Titusville and travels along Oil Creek to Oil Creek State Park. This is actually about a 20 mile loop. 10 down and 10 back. Primary use would be running, biking or hiking. Trail is a little rough for rollerblading. Saw a huge rat snake sunning itself on the trail last time I was here.

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