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Excellent forest stroll. easy for beginning hikers. For us a nice back yard afternoon walk.

Nice moderate hike I do with my dog. About 70 minutes at a moderate pace with a few stops for doggie sniffs.

14 days ago

A short, but lovely trail. The Braille Trail was created in 1970 for the visually impaired. In 1987 it was rededicated to all. Across from the Latodami Nature Center, the Braille Trail is just off to the side of Brown Road with a small parking area.

Along the way are 27 QR codes you can scan with your mobile device that link to locally made YouTube videos that discuss the various plants and animals that live in the forest where the trail is. The scenery is beautiful and it's super quiet, aside from the expected sounds of birds and other wildlife. Unlike other local trails near a roadway, the Braille Trail offers up as close to zero suburban noise as you're going to find.

There are benches that dot the trail as well as a footbridge or two. The trail is nice and wide and not hard to navigate at all. It is at its muddiest at the very beginning, but it's not a large section and easily avoidable at the sides. If you walk the trail in reverse and start at the bridge, you won't encounter the mud. You will have a bit more of a workout as that half goes uphill after the bridge, but it's not strenuous.

This trail is definitely excellent for all ages, and would be a really fun ride on a bike. Leaves do cover the trail now that it's fall, but it didn't get too slick anywhere. I encountered a couple buzzing gnats along the way, but they didn't stick around for long at all. In total, I walked this trail four times around for my first hike here. Three forward and one in reverse. Definitely a gem of a trail. Don't let the easy rating or length deter you from enjoying it.

Hey, it's walking along the side of the highway through the park. There are nice bits to it, but it's rather dull otherwise. I will say the bike and walking lanes are well marked. There's plenty of traffic along this loop, both from bikers and walkers and people just going by in their cars.

I started at the boathouse and worked my way around clockwise. Occasionally there's a little bit of an incline here and there, but nothing that will drain you of any real energy. It's really just an endurance of basically every other walk you've probably had in your life expanded into something a little longer. It is good for kids, though, and there are a few playgrounds along the way as well as various pavilions to take a break if you need one.

Another great trail at North Park. Excellently marked with green blazes. You won't get confused or turned around here. Entry can either be found adjacent to the playground over at the Flagstaff pavilion, or the School House pavilion across from the church.

I entered from the Flagstaff area. Having done that, I would rate the first leg of this trail as easy/low moderate to moderate on the second leg. This is due to the fact that if you follow the trail in this direction, you will encounter quite a few hills. They're not too difficult, but they do come in quick succession, with some being a bit more of a climb than others. I had to stop a couple times to have some water as it was pretty muggy during my hike. You'll know when you're about to hit the second leg of the trail going this direction when you encounter the first big turn to the left.

Going the other direction seems like it would be easier all the way through with only a couple notable hills that were trickier going down than they would be climbing up. I would definitely say this trail would be a great, fun ride with your mountain bike.

Compared to the North Park Loop Trail, this one is much less rootsy and easier to navigate. There are also no slick rocks to avoid and little to no wet/muddy areas. There are plenty of fallen trees that dot the sides of the trail that are pretty cool to look at. Note that during my hike, I encountered no trees actually blocking the trail as written in a couple other reviews here, so that problem has definitely been addressed.

Definitely take some water with you as this trail is a bit of a nice workout. I managed to finish it in 40 minutes, which surprised me as it felt like it was taking longer, probably due to my stopping for short breaks after some of the hills. There weren't too many bugs, which is always good and I saw some rabbits and squirrels running about. All in all, a great and very pleasant hike.

Reminds me of when I used to go exploring on the trail in our local forest as a kid. Lots of tree roots, a few slippery river rocks here and there, and three or four moderate-to-steep hills. I may have been going backwards on it (not that it matters as both ways are well-marked) as I kept crossing paths with people coming the other way. It certainly would have made going up a couple of those hills (instead of down like I did) a bit easier due to their grades and the fact that it was a little slick in spots.

Definitely a moderate workout, though it's the first trail I chose to hike in North Park. Bring some water and maybe a protein bar if you decide to take a break. There are plenty of tree stumps and other spots to the side of the main trail to take a rest as necessary, I also saw plenty of bike tire tracks in the muddier sections, though I'm not sure if I'd want to bike this one in certain sections.

1 month ago

Great trail for hiking or biking!

Great trail for us with our lab puppy. Not very well marked but if you set a pin where you parked it helps guide you. Saw a handful of mtn. bikers but mostly empty on a busy park Saturday. Decent amount of declines then inclines - wouldn’t recommend for those not looking for a workout.

My hiking companion, Chloe the Collie, and I, are new to Western PA. We found this hike a lovely walk through the woods. Initially, the trail was well marked, rectangular white with an orange dot in the center. Even tree roots and rocks were spray painted white. We were always close to roadways, and picnic pavilions (some abandoned and overgrown in vines). Then we found ourselves on the trail marked with white rectangles. Here the trail was narrower. There were rocks to dodge and mud puddles. Still, we never left road noise and/or sight of a roadway. The moderate rating seemed accurate. We hiked about three miles in 60 minutes. Met a few dog walkers. Nice trail.

trail running
2 months ago

The uploaded data is for TWO loops, one in each direction. One loop is about 4 miles. The first time I went counter-clockwise and missed a blaze after entering the road portion. I stayed along the road until I saw the blaze where it went back to a trail. It was easier to follow the blazes on and off of the road going clockwise. It's a beautiful trail when it's in the woods. It has some elevation changes, especially on the road portion by the entrance to the golf course. I encountered hikers and several mountain bikers while running. I gave it 3 stars because it has a road portion.

2 months ago

This is what everyone thinks about when you mention North Park.
It is an easy though long-ish walk depending on the speed of your party. The majority of the path is beside a road and fairly removed from the lake or woods. It is also very popular so expect lots of families, joggers, dogs, etc. There are some lovely views, especially of the Boathouse, and it's fun to see all the different people enjoying the park too.
It is nice when you want an easy walk to maybe chat with friends but there are better trails if you want a real work out or be more immersed in nature.

2 months ago

Short trail that is good for children.

zigzag up and down trail that can be paired with red blaze to make loop. too many bikers for my liking

nice trail, but they have done some construction or logging on a portion of the train. not sure exactly what. trail difficult to follow in these areas. would be one star more if not for that.

4 months ago


Need to take my bike

this is my favorite trail....

Really just a sidewalk or shoulder along a moderate to high traffic road. Fairly accessible but not at all what I look for in a trail.

6 months ago

It’s a nice trail, saw some wildlife while we were out. Overall it’s a bit busy in the surrounding area but hardly anyone was on the trail. The markers do indeed get a bit confusing to follow. The vistas weren’t as impressive as most people said and there really isn’t too much to see besides woods. Well maintained though, not great, not terrible overall.

Easier than I expected and too close to civilization in my mind. still a nice quick trail if you don't have a ton of time.

good for after work rides,fun at night.

More of an easy/moderate hike. Good scenery and well marked paths

8 months ago

The trail is not difficult to follow if you have a map or use the ap. The trail turns right once you hit the telephone lines. The trail was in good condition with only a few really muddy spots. Not many people on the trail due to the cold weather.

10 months ago

Short hike. Lovely fall leaves all around. As we are new to following trail markers we weren't sure if we were to follow the yellow, green, or U shapes on the trees (we believe it's the U shape). Though it felt a little urban it was quiet and serene, possibly due to the colder temperatures. One or two vistas as well.

Monday, October 16, 2017

This was a great hike around North Park but some of the route was difficult to find. I wish there were clearer markings or signs. If we didn't have the map on our phone we would have been lost.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Difficult to stay on course at times. Most was great hiking. Final mile along the RR tracks was not the best! Would do parts again!

Monday, October 02, 2017

A great trail except for the huge piles of horse Pooh that you need to watch out for..

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Lots of fun but poorly marked in a lot of places. Probably added at least another mile doubling back to find the correct path, but overall a great hike!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Nice hard packed path. Well blazed with green blazes. Narrow and a little steep in a few spots. I did this trail in about 35 minutes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Apple Watch tracked it at 9.75 miles not 8.5 but it was a good hike. The blue half of the trail is much more difficult than the other half.

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