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3 days ago

trail running
11 days ago

great flat-ish paved trail. safe, and lots of other people out using it

This was a great trail. There were two trees down on the trail but they were easy to get around. Would definitely do this trail again!

I’m surprised to see this is listed as moderate. I’m a beginner and had no problems with this trail. It does have some hills but nothing major. The only problem was at two different places there were downed trees. One was easy to get around as it was on a flat part. The other was difficult to get around. The tree was too high to go over and too low to go under. I ended up going about 10 feet up the hill using the trees for balance. Luckily the ground was sturdy and I was able to continue. I only wonder how the bike rider that passed me later on the trail made it over/under/around?

27 days ago

easy to access and some nice sights.