we walked from the boat launch to the damn. it was slightly difficult trying to figure out where the hiking trails even were at first. we went to the parking lot by the pool and she showed us a “hiking” trail but it’s i wouldn’t really call it a hike, it was more of a path to little areas to get to the water. still beautiful scenery but i was more excited to just hike. we eventually found another spot to park on the other side of the lake and had to go through the woods to find the boat launch where you can also rent kayaks and paddle boards which was pretty awesome. we saw horses as well! but the hike it self from that boat launch to the damn was lovely, just remember to be prepared to jump to the side at any moment as paths get very small at points and bikers are riding through as well!! wear comfy shoes , they don’t necessary need to be hiking shoes as there isn’t hills and it isn’t too rocky! 5/5 because i had fun and it was beautiful! also got to eat some raspberries off the bushes! (if you don’t know what it is... don’t eat it!)