Not well marked at all. Please note that where the gps wants to take you is actually a mile into the hike, there is a road but it does not always allow vehicle access. We never could find where the trail was after we crossed the river and after about 1/2 mike through unmarked, up and down terrain we turned around and ended up doing an out and back. But it is an easy hike with great views of the creek and falls.

17 days ago

Definitely one of my favorite hikes I've done and I have done hikes all over the world. There's nothing overly spectacular about the hike however the seclusion and silence of the hike makes you really feel as though you are disconnected from the world. Not to mention I only saw 2 other people for 3 days! It a fair amount but nothing I couldn't handle.

21 days ago

I did the whole loop trail going CCW starting at Masten this past Memorial Day weekend. I started hiking around 1 pm Saturday and finished around 5 pm on Monday.

It’s been a wet spring and as you might expect the trail was muddy in spots and running with water where springs cross the trail.

Around mile 17 of the loop you must Ford a creek. Picking my way across the stones I was no more than 6-10” deep but the current was not gentle.

There were a fair amount of downed trees on the trail but none that were too hard to get over or around.

The grade of the trail is generally moderate but there were a couple more challenging sections. I did encounter one several hundred foot section of trail with about a 60 to 70 degree incline that was basically a mudslide in the damp conditions with very few stable footholds - I cursed my way to the bottom but no bones were broken.

To get there, I was driving from the south and had to do some backtracking to find a route to Masten. Several roads have been closed and cell service is pretty bad in the area so GPS rerouting was a problem. From 87 I was able to take Hooplestown Rd to Cabbage Hollow Rd to Lutz Rd and follow Cascade Rd through several turns to Hillsgrove Rd which ends in a large pile of rocks you must hike over to get to the Old Loggers Path trail.

Very nice trail. A little overgrown in some areas. Initial 1.5 is steep but then it levels out. Saw deer, toads, and frogs on the trail. View at the summit was amazing. Had lunch for about an hour before descending. I will definitely do it again. I would rate it as moderate and not difficult.

1 month ago

We did the 16 mile half loop to the South. The town at the bottom was totally washed out and the hike is pretty decently steep from the south start. We were able to camp near the summit on the South end and it was beautiful to watch the fog lift off the valley as we sipped coffee. We had to cross the river/creek in the middle wet as there was no crossing and we almost got lost trying to find the road out. Like others mentioned it is completely washed out and you have to hike up a road that is not really there anymore. All in all the wife and I really enjoyed the views and the deep forest you get into most of the way. Water was plentiful for us but the bugs were a little extreme.

2 months ago

We arrived too late to do the loop so we did a 15 mile out and back with an overnight. The first few miles follow old logging roads (as the trail name suggests), but once you get off those roads it's a pretty forest hike. We had a great night at a campsite by the stream.

Note that you shouldn't approach the trailhead on Pleasant Stream Road from the east-- the road and bridge are washed out and the trailhead parking lot can't be reached from this direction.

great trail, but not well marked at all.

If you're looking for an easier hike, skip the first 5 miles and park at the lot at little bear creek rd. The first 5 are brutal. If I were to do it again I would probably skip the first 5 and just do an extra 5 further down the trail. Maybe extend it up to angel falls? There are 3 places to camp and 3 fire pits a little after mile 11 that are very nice. There is also a very nice place to camp around mile 8-9 I think? There are multiple other spots along the way as well. I don't think there were any past mile 12 though.

2 months ago

Just got back from 2 nights on the loop and had a great time. It was sunny and 55 hiking Saturday and on Monday morning we woke up to 4 inches of snow. A little bit of everything.

There was a nice new shelter at Doe Run we stayed in one night.

Great hike all around.

scenic driving
4 months ago

Went today when the roads were snowy 02/03/2018 but was able to drive all up and around the trails with beautiful scenic lookout at the top! Definitely want to go when theres no snow so i can hike around!

trail running
6 months ago

Great loop, Well marked!
Even got a little swim in during the the trail run!!

Great three day loop in a very remote part of Pennsylvania. Miles and miles of beautiful forest, well established campsites. Typically plentiful water although can dry up in fall or drought conditions. Great vistas and two brand new shelters. If blissful peace and nature is what you seek, seek no longer. You’ve found your trail.

Nice trail. We happened to go after it rained so a little muddy. Beautiful views up top. It's about 3.5 miles each way. Pretty flat with one incline which wasn't too bad. Incline was well maintained. Parking lot with bathrooms up top.

9 months ago

Solo hiked this trail from 4:30 pm on August 24, 2017 and finished up around 5:30 pm on the 26th. I did this trail once before in October of 2015, to say the area was hit by some bad storms would be an understatement. In Masten whole roads have been washed away along with bridges and houses. Surprisingly the trail was in decent shape for the most part. Two great new shelters have been added since my last time there and they're quite nice. The trail is blazed well and water is plentiful. Definitely has some challenging sections and beautiful views. This was the first trail I went backpacking on and I think it's a good trail for someone looking to see if backpacking is for them. Just challenging enough to test your limits. Will most likely do this trail for a third time.

Trail is confusing around second creek crossing and not well marked.

nice three day hike

CW Southern loop using washed out Pleasant Stream Road as a connector. oOne very steep hill approaching Sharp Top Vista. Camp sites near streams can flood during heavy rains. Very nice trail. Loved it.

Awesome loved it so much. The hike is definitely rugged but worth it! The water was so refreshing and crystal clear. The water falls are swimmable. Native trout and lots of them.

When you miss the connector trail...

This hike was terrific! It was a challenge and I would not recommend this for someone trying just a day hike, though some say they have done it in one day... I find that had to believe after finishing. If it can be done in one day that leaves no time for some of the wonderful views and swimming areas it has to offer. I am not what you would call an experienced hiker but I have done a few. The uphill climbs are rough too say the least but so worth it in the end. The trail is blazed wonderfully. We ( my husband and I ) do plan to come back but to take areas off to the side we didn't realize were there. This was probably one of the toughest yet most rewarding hike I have done. Am experience I am glad I had and won't soon forget! The gps showed 28.86 miles in the end. Awesome trail with an awesome trail mate to keep me going!

Friday, June 02, 2017

I've done this trail twice now. First time I followed the maps course of going counter clockwise and this past time I went clockwise which I found much easier. I actually through hiked the trail in under 12 hours. If you can find a spot to camp along Rock Run make the effort to stay along one of the most beautiful trout streams in PA there is!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Great loop. Was rainy and wet when we did it, the trail was a river. Banged it out as an overnight. Not so many great views but great forest and numerous campsites. One tricky stream crossing late in the first day but probably wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't raining. Easily found a log to cross on.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Yesterday, I followed the same track Tyson Buttorf posted. Let me tell you, I am in decent cardio shape but the initial climb was brutal. It's the closest I've come to mountain climbing, albeit not quite that harsh. Once I reached the top, the trail was very easy and the scenery quite beautiful. Several on here mentioned rattlers; however, I saw none, only a garter snake. The descent was definitely not a breeze, either. It was very rocky with a lot of places where one could easily break a bone. I would not hike this loop if the ground were wet or icy as that would make for some very dangerous conditions. All in all, I liked the challenge and enjoyed myself. I will be back to do it again, maybe trying different tracks just to see new scenery.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Water gets busy in summer, awesome area. Hiked then went for a dip in the icy cold water.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Very well marked and maintained trail. Be warned that it is very very dry this summer. We hiked clockwise from Masten. Between Pleasant Stream (around mile 10) and Yellow Dog Run (around mile 20) almost all the streams have dried up. Get water when you can. We also saw a couple rattlesnakes up at Big Rocks. The highlight for us was Sharp Top Vista where we camped on our first night.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The views from the vistas were breathtaking at the least! The path was marked very well, and a moderate hike. Watch for Timber rattle snakes by Big Rock vista. Encountered 6 of them. My only complaint is that the trail is advertised at 23-25 miles depending on the site but it is actually 29.98 (as per GPS tracking) so plan accordingly and bring enough water!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Beautiful views from the vistas! We did Old Loggers Path. The path was well marked and easy to follow. It was a moderate path to hike but be warned! It is NOT a 25.3 mile loop. Our GPS tracked us at 29.98 so plan accordingly. If we go back, we definitely will make two days of the hike. Also watch for Timber Rattle snakes, we encountered 6 by Big Rock vista

Pack LIGHT!!!! As being our first overnight hiking/primitive camping experience, we were a bit naive to what exactly we were getting ourselves into. We followed a gear checklist and found that the majority of "necessities" we packed did nothing but weigh us down. Bring a lot of water!! From the very start you are ascending a steep incline and throughout there is not much of a break. Truly beautiful views once you finally make it to the Ridgeline. The descent is treacherous. Very steep and slippery mossy rocks. Be very conscious of your footing. Proper footgear and trekking poles are a must. I took many spills and would have taken many more without the support of the poles. Try to keep a positive outlook. The satisfaction of completing is great at the end. Extremely trying trail, but you'll feel a great sense of pride after all is said and done. Adventure awaits!

This trail is so hard ! But the view is awesome

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Getting ready to do this trail April 15 2016. Any suggestions.

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