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Awesome trail with waterfalls. ✌

most beautiful hike around Poconos

Have done all the loops here and it’s one of our favorite hikes. Can get a bit crowded but it’s quieter near the top. Verges on climbing in some parts — wear good shoes and bring water.

Love this hike, we do it once or twice a year. More like a climb in parts and a great workout. It is dangerous but keep your head straight and don’t leave the trail and you’ll be fine. Can be strenuous but there are lots of nice waterfalls and rocks where you can stop and rest on on your way up. Bring water! Downside: Can get a bit crowded in the summer.

My favorite hike in the state, despite its bad reputation. Don’t act like an idiot and you’ll be fine. Beautiful falls.

Great hike with great views totally worth checking out!

love this hike did it last year 2017

13 days ago

Love coming here.. a bit of a challenge, especially on the way down, but very fun and scenic!

Great experience. Be careful.

From the start of the the Glen Onoko Trail, we followed the red marks on the trees (should have had more signs), got to the top and did not see the falls! Disappointing! Saw a sign for James Run! Very annoyed at the lack of signage!!!!! Enjoyed the challenging climb though! Started to retrace our steps and luckily ran into a couple of other hikers who pointed us toward a sign that said Best Route to Falls. My heart is happy now that I’ve seen the beautiful falls! Definitely a must see for all!

My husband and I started hiking 3 years ago and have done trails at both Acadia and Rocky Mountain National parks (I highly recommend both!) but I was surprised that this was one of the hardest hikes we've done! It ascends pretty quickly and is steep, narrow and slippery. We used our hands for a lot of it but it was a blast and the views were stunning! The falls are such an impressive hidden gem in PA. the beginning of the trail was crowded but thinned out the higher you climbed. It's sometimes hard to see where the Trail leads. Trail sneakers or hiking boots are a must. Will definitely do this again!

Great semi-challenging short hike. Can basically be as easy or hard as you wanna make it. We got off the trail and did a little rock climbing with the falls and it was a ton of fun! Quick enough that you can get out and enjoy nature and the views and still have time for other stuff in the day.

We biked from the train station which added some fun. At the top of the falls we got off course and ended up shaving a mile off of our distance which we were disappointed in. But that doesn’t take away from how amazingly beautiful this hike is. Add it to your list!

Excellent trail. This is where my hubby proposed.

I always go up the non-waterfall side as I find that more challenging. Rained on way down so a bit slippery by the falls. But so worth it. i never get tired of waterfalls and scrambling down rocks n roots.

We got stuck in rain, its tough going down in rain very slippery, had a blast tho, good times

Always a fun and challenging hike up the falls..slippery in spots...did a short run up the top of the falls only and back after work..a trail I do a few times a year

Good trail, was expecting larger falls and briefly got off trail, but overall great day hike!

Great trail!!! As some here suggested we went up "backwards" (ie; going up the falls side first). Great views, very steep and kinda treacherous in parts. The "rock gallery" is awesome. Saw 2 snakes within 10min. of starting so be careful. Overall, I really loved this trail, will have to do it again.

Great hike with a lot of UP in a short distance! Came across two snakes in the first 10 minutes of our hike, so watch where you step! Beautiful waterfalls and picture moments! Got to the fire pit at the top and took the red "tree flash" trail back down, although the trails aren't well marked at all. This trail down can be very hard on the knees as its a steep way down on stone stairs, so be careful! All in all a great hike!!

Wasn't marked too well once you get up to the top of the last gorge, but as long as you have all trails or some sort of map, you can figure it out. Waterfalls and mountain outlooks are wonderful.

Great trail, glad to have access to these sites near my home. Although at the top of the water falls, if you come up the falls, is very confusing. We attempted to stay on the trail as shown on this post but we ended up taking the red blaze trail that essentially cut the trip in half.

Hard to rate a trail any higher with so many people crashing about. Certainly some nice views and mostly well marked. Just way too many people. go early or go late

Loved it. Although it was cold day so wasn't very busy! Flew my Drone it was AWESOME!!

Breathtaking beautiful. Next time I go back, I will be sure to wear hiking shoes. The trails are quite difficult, so be sure to be prepared for a challenge!

I drove 6 hours from Cleveland to hike this and some others in the area and this has become a new favorite of mine. I highly recommend hiking up the orange route which is hiking up the falls. From the parking lots, go down the steps to the first trail sign and make a right, go under the bridge and maybe 100 yards later you'll come to a split. GO LEFT which is hiking up the falls. It's more challenging than hiking the other route but FAR more rewarding. There are places to stop and relax/take photos the whole way up. Wear hiking shoes! If you don't take the orange route up, I feel horrible for you - going down the orange route has to be awful (slippery and much more steep). I'm not a waterfall enthusiast so I was a bit reluctant to "waste" my time on this one but it turned out to be really awesome. The only downside to this one is that it's got a ton of people on it, maybe the most of any "hard" trail I've done to date. WEAR HIKING BOOTS - you'll regret it if you don't. Enjoy!

Gorgeous falls! Be sure to wear hiking shoes! I recommend hiking up next to the falls first as coming down on the wet rock would be more difficult.

Amazing hike up the Falls! We went to the left of the loop so hiked up next to Falls first....absolutely awesome views and great hiking! I will definitely hike this again!

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