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A deep, steep-walled gorge, thick vegetation, rock outcroppings and many waterfalls characterize Lehigh Gorge State Park. In Luzerne and Carbon Counties in eastern Pennsylvania, the park follows the Lehigh River from the outlet of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Francis E. Walter Dam at the northern end, to the town of Jim Thorpe at the southern end of the park. Whitewater boating and biking are popular activities.

Excellent , aggressive hike. Beautiful falls and views. Follow red blaze down

Glen Onoko Falls is the place where hiking and climbing start to merge. There is quite a lot of rock scrambling, especially around the Falls area. Bring heavy duty hiking boots because the entire trail is pretty rocky. I had so much fun and would definitely hike it again. Its a very challenging and engaging trail and the waterfalls were beautiful!

Beautiful scenery. Although the ground was dry the day we hiked, I can understand how it would be slippery on wet or damp days. Take away – worked on overcoming my fear of heights on this trail!

This was difficult especially for first time but worth the effort for the views. Be careful ...It is not well marked.I went at 7am no one there but by the time I was done parking lot full...

16 days ago

Went today with my wife and it was awesome. The falls are absolutely worth the jumping from rock to rock on the path. Trail ranges from easy to pretty damn tough in spots. Be ready to make it up as you go trying to get up some of the rocks. You will be grabbing tree roots and branches to pull yourself up. Wear proper hiking boots or be prepared to slip on the wet rocks. My wife wore sneakers and cursed them the whole way lol. You don’t really need much else for the trail but be ready to really keep an eye out for the trail markers as sometimes they’re not the easy to spot.

I brought a back pack with water and medical supplies just in case as I always do but you can make it with just a bottle of water.
All in all we had an amazing time and will go back.

This is a beautiful trail. Pretty hard but well worth the hike. Last time we hiked it we did get detoured by a bear :)

My recommendation is to gather as much information as you can about this trail prior to going, because it is not well marked. Read up on blog posts written by people who have hiked Glen Onoko and choose how you want to complete this trail, because it can either be incredibly hard or moderate.

My review is based on the more challenging way of completing this trail.

Be prepared to use your hands and knees to climb, crawl, and pull yourself up big, slippery boulders. You *can* get away with wearing non-hiking boots (my husband wore his sneakers), but make sure they have good traction, otherwise, you will slip and injure yourself.

As someone who has hiked several trails, I personally believe this should be rated as "HARD". While it is only 3 miles long, there is a lot of rock scrambling, poorly marked trails, and slippery surfaces. Overall, it's a challenging, but worthwhile hike with a beautiful waterfall and lookout point to look forward to :)

Not well marked, crowded, but totally worth it! Following waterfalls hiking up along the creek was challenging, technical at times, and fun. Finding the vista at the top was not obvious.

I did this with my two girls (5 and 8). You have to be careful, especially on the way up, but it's doable.

This is an absolutely beautiful waterfall trail. But make no mistake, it is very dangerous. While the carefully prepared hiker will not likely have issues, it only takes one loose rock and the wrong footing to slip into catastrophe, and there are more than a few steep cliffs and narrow pathways.

Our dog, (a border jack) who is a very experienced climber/hiker almost broke her legs during a jump, narrowly escaping an exposed root that twisted her as she flipped out of it, additionally nearly losing balance off a cliff. More importantly, she came very face to face with a 7 foot timber rattlesnake that was in the middle of the trail path, just above the top falls. I heard the soft sound of maracas in the wild and pulled her leash back with a fury. Luckily, she did not get bit.

Be safe, watch your step, and keep an eye out for rattlesnakes. We saw two on our hike and turned back not completing the trail loop. It's a tough but fun climb, amazing waterfalls, and we'll definitely go back. A girl on the trail also likely broke her ankle and was being carried down as we descended. Please be careful on this trail.

There were also lots of folks on the trail having a good time. Just come prepared.