A deep, steep-walled gorge, thick vegetation, rock outcroppings and many waterfalls characterize Lehigh Gorge State Park. In Luzerne and Carbon Counties in eastern Pennsylvania, the park follows the Lehigh River from the outlet of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Francis E. Walter Dam at the northern end, to the town of Jim Thorpe at the southern end of the park. Whitewater boating and biking are popular activities.

Haven't hiked this trail since my teen years 40 years ago. Hiked a week ago and found the trail up the waterline to the various sets of falls poorly marked. Saw orange blazes sporadically. Not so bad since you need to follow the trail by water, but when I got to base of falls, it was 50/50 do I go left or right to get up and around. Disappointed with graffiti on rocks along trails and people at spots were drinking beer, even though the park entrance says alcohol prohibited.

My favorite hike so far! Will definitely be going back. If you're up for a challenge and have proper shoe wear go for it!

My partner and I did this trail in late summer of 2016. It was a great hands on trail without actual bouldering. Terrain was challenging though and slippery not to mention crowded. However views and cardio work out were well worth it! Also beware of snakes lol

Great waterfall hike but once you pass the waterfall the trail is just ok.

1 month ago

Awesome hike. Definitely worth the trip and the steep hike up.

A little steep and slippery on the way up, but really pretty falls. Took the easier way going down. Our lab/pitt mix came along for the hike, she enjoyed!

Good challenging hike. Not for lazy shits.

Live close to the trail btw hike pretty often. enjoy everyone,be careful!

It was great on the way up. Down was just rocks and trees, it was still beautiful but the climb up along the river was incredible.