This scenic picnic area is operated by the Bureau of State Parks. The 6-acre area offers picnic tables, a pavilion, water, and restroom. The area is 2,739 feet above sea level and several degrees cooler than surrounding towns. This area also provides trailhead parking for Spruce Flats bog and Wolf Rocks Trail. Laurel Summit is a carry in/carry out area. Please take all of your trash with you.

16 days ago

This was a nice trail, but not very well marked. It's really a compilation of a bunch of other trails in the park so you really have to follow yourself on the map for this one. We started at the recommended place on the Mainline trail and at some point you switch to the summit trail and then a few others that I can't remember. There is a really nice vista at beam rocks which is like halfway through. At the very end, the trail is just walking along the road back to where you started. Anyway make sure you are tracking yourself on your phone or you're gonna get lost. Also it's way easier than I thought it would be but still a nice walk.

We had a great time climbing on the rocks.

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