The 329-acre Kinzua Bridge State Park is in McKean County and features remnants of the 2,053-foot railroad bridge (viaduct) that was a National Engineering Landmark. A tornado has knocked down much of the bridge.

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3 hours ago

Did not go on the trail itself, but from seeing and being on the skywalk alone, I’m sure the trail is amazing too. Well worth coming to!

19 days ago

I’m a bigger girl with a fake hip, so this trail was VERY brutal but so worth it! The stairs are huge boulders that at times can be tricky to find footing, but are spaced out enough to give you breath. The hills are the brutal part, and the trail is one way so what you go down you must come up! Well worth it, you are among and up close to the bridge remnants.

8 months ago

What a cool land mark. This place can even be visited by the handicap. The sky walk is maybe 100 yards from the parking lot. And nice paved pathway to the sky walk. But to get down in the valley. Its not that bad. Just the big step at the top might be hard for some people if you have some type of waljing problem. But you can get right up the down towers in the valley. It take 10 mins to get down to the bottom. I think hiked no more than 1 1/2 miles while there visiting. Great visitors center too. And the surrounding area is beautiful as well. The leafs color this fall made it better too. Go see the eighth wonder of the world. Thats what they called when it was built in 1890. Longest and tallest when built. Great history here people.

* Skybridge has great views, easy walk

* Kinzua Creek Trail is short trail with cool views of the bridge & the aftermath of the tornado.

10 months ago

The ruins of Kinzua Bridge are just breathtaking and this trail allows you the opportunity to hike to the bottom of the valley to explore the fallen sections. It's not a long hike but it is a bit steep on the way back up. It also features a stream and is kid and dog friendly.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Beautiful area, I love hiking around Kinzua, really gives you a better idea of the scale of the bridge that crossed the valley at one time. The trail is easy, certainly more than .2 miles, I'd say closer to 1-1.5 miles, switchbacks make getting up and down pretty easy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

nice trail and thick history here. check it out

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Beautiful hike down in and up the other side!

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