Sitting astride South Mountain, Kings Gap offers a panoramic view of the Cumberland Valley. Sixteen miles of hiking trails interconnect three main areas and are open year-round. Kings Gap offers environmental education programs from the pre-school environmental awareness program to environmental problem solving programs.

2 months ago

Used 2 cars to make this a 6 mile one way hike. Recommend starting at King's Gap to create a mostly downhill trail. Look for yellow or yel/red blazes which are scarce in spots. Ridgetop views before crossing Ridge Road nice. From there, trail is gentle slopes of old logging roads to Pine Grove. Due to the proximity to early Pine Grove industry, this area has had almost 200 years of on/off de-forestation so the mix of trees is decidedly lacking in maturity and quality.
Returning to King's Gap after hike allowed us to enjoy a fine sunset over the valley below.

4 months ago

Decent hike. Nice mix of lowlands and some hills.

Beautiful hike. Near Kings Gap trail direction got confusing from all the trails in that area. Was 12 miles.

9 months ago

Once you figure out where it starts the trail is very well marked. It’s a nice mix of up and down and flat throughout the hike. The park lists the distance as 12 miles.

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5 months ago