Straddling Peters Mountain, the 370-acre Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area is dominated by large hardwood trees. This large block of nearly unbroken forest is a haven for wildlife like forest warblers and other deep-woods animals. A main attraction to the conservation area is the elaborate trail system.

Plenty of cool large rock structures which the trail weaves around/between around the 1-2 mile stretch between where the Susquehanna trail meets up with the AT at the top and beginning descent down to Clark's Ferry. There is some nice views to the south at some points where the rock is exposed. The rest of stretch toward Peter's Mountain is fairly rocky but still not quite as bad as trails further north on AT and does offer views of both sides where the power line clearing is. There are frequent large walls of rock slabs that continue along most of the trail to the side which are pretty interesting and close enough to occassionally climb on if one was inclined to.

Would imagine doing the ascent up from Clark's Ferry would be a bit difficult, but has plenty of navigating among different large rock structures to make it worth it. Did as point-to-point from Clarks Valley on rather cold day so my knees were not happy with the descent at that time. Had mentioned this on review for other stretch of AT between Clarks Valley and Swatara State Park...whoever built/maintains the AT trail between Clark's Ferry and Clarks Valley region did a nice job of incorporating the surrounding rocks where possible into steps, trail borders, etc.

Nice views of the rockville bridge looking south. I could do without the road noise at either end, but a worthwhile hike anyway.