Jennings offers a full range of educational programs. A unique attraction at the center is its relict prairie, which includes the spectacular and well-known prairie flower, the blazing star. The relict prairie ecosystem is rare in Pennsylvania. Visitors should try to visit in late July or early August when the pairie is in full bloom. Jennings Environmental Education Center is one of several state parks specifically dedicated to provide environmental education and interpretation to the community. A variety of programs are available for children, teachers, and the general public that increase knowledge and awareness of the beauty and importance of our natural resources. By taking some time to explore Jennings through its trail network or community programs, visitors can enjoy the outdoors while learning the skills needed to be good stewards of Pennsylvanias outstanding natural resources. Jennings provides a unique combination of prairie and forest, which offers a wide array of resource and education opportunities. One of the parks main features, the 20-acre prairie ecosystem, is home to distinctive prairie plants and the endangered massasauga rattlesnake. The most noteworthy and spectacular prairie flower is the blazing star. Jennings was the first reserve established in Pennsylvania to protect an individual plant species and remains the only public and protected prairie in the Commonwealth.

This starts out from the Environmental Education Center parking lot - we got a paper park map at the education building there to see all trails. This one follows a pretty stream for a little bit then crosses a bridge over to the other side. The trail has some uphill areas, but not super strenuous, then passes through a large area of maple trees where they were tapping for syrup. This trail would be very beautiful during the spring when apparently there are a lot of wildflowers in bloom along the trail. There are many loop options to make shorter hikes - good for children or elderly.

Love coming here to get pictures of all the flowers. Easy trails.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

it was an ok easy trail

Great for young Girl Scouts!!!

Low to moderate difficulty, easy to follow well laid out markers between trails. No bikes.

great system of trails. nice linkage to the North Country trail system. good amount of animal, bird and reptile viewing. can keep it easy, can step it up (on the ridge and glacier trail links to North Country Trail) for decent short climbs. I visit here often. low traffic of hikers.

Lots of little trails that you can weave together to create a hike that ranges from a few tenths of a mile to five or more miles through terrain that is mostly flat to rolling, with one area that has some contour to it and might be considered "moderate." The forested areas are standard second and third growth for this part of the state, but what is interesting is the island of prairie ecosystem that is preserved here, with numerous species that are not found elsewhere in the region. The wildflowers are great. They make a big deal about a population of Massaugua (sp?) rattlesnakes and--sure enough--we had the good fortune to see one of the little guys sunning himself in the middle of the trail. Watch where you step--they're endangered. Easy to digest this place in a few hours--we combined it with a stop at McConnell's Mill. Well worth the time.

Sunday, March 19, 2017