I’ll have to go again where I can do entire trail. I had my geriatric pup so had to take it easy but it’s Pete t for her because nice and flat :)

Really nice trail, well maintained, however some graffiti on rocks along the way. Not very difficult, but some areas are rocky.

easy not much of a hike but a nice walk

Shock Rock and Table Rock have awesome views. The hike in between is a good one too.

Nice hike with nice overlooks at shock rock, table rock, and an unmarked location beyond the shelter. there was ample parking at the trailhead, but the lot is not visible from the road.

Friday, February 17, 2017

This part of the AT is easy hiking. If you live in the area you can add an additional 5.7 miles by starting at the top of Peters Mountain and taking the Victoria Trail down the south side of the mountain to Victoria Furnace. If you are planning an over nighter, make sure you camp at the top on the AT, because the Victoria Trail takes you down the south side of the mountain and it will be difficult to find a place to pitch a tent going down the mountain.

Good easy trail. Great views at Shock Rock and Table Rock. Take the kids and/or the dog it is a good introduction to hiking and the Appalachian Trail.

I stumbled upon this one day wondering.The best view around!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Great hike! Well worth the trip.

It's a good hike with different sceneries as you hike.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

My son and I just started Back packing. Dec. 30th was our 1st night out. this section was later in the day, After passing the Victorian trail we stopped at the shelter for lunch around 130 pm. we decided to hump it to the next shelter. The weather did not help with much views it was fogged out and cool, around 40 degrees. trail was a lot faster to walk than I thought it would be. Happy feet area. But that's just me.

very good trail good scenic outlooks trail not to hard

Appalachian Trail North. An easy hike. The trail is highly traveled by both hikers and runners. About a half mile from the trail head are the power lines - "Shock" Rock where you may enjoy the beautiful vistas of the Blue Mountain on one side and the valleys on the other side. At 2.0 miles from the trail head is Table Rock. It is relatively easy to go down the rocks and climb on to the outcropping to bask in the sun. The only part I didn't like about the trail are the number of spider webs. During our hike we were also warned by a runner of a sighting of bears - 2 Cubs and the Mother.

Trail head is very easy to find and has plenty of space for parking. The first view you'll come to is at the power lines, "Shock Rock." The trail continues about 1.5 miles to the Table Rock. You can't miss it. Well worth the view. Small elevation changes make this an easy hike for anyone willing to walk the distance.

Nice walk, mostly level ground but there are a few places where the trail veers off and descends a little way down the mountainside, only to come back up again a little later. Great views of Clarks Valley, and of farmland and the Susquehanna River Valley. Ideal for people from Harrisburg and the West Shore who don't mind driving 15 minutes to reach the trail.

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