The Southside trail is paved for the first 1/4 of the trail. Then it turns into gravel for a bit and then into dirt. Good for a short hike with a stroller! .5 mile in and a .5 mile out. The park has a huge playground as well.

2 months ago

I've gone hiking here dozens of times now and I'm pleased to always be finding new trails. There are trails that aren't even on their maps but I love finding them. It's also great for bringing kids along if they're about 5 or up.

The trails are easy but not very well marked. It gets confusing in some parts to the point where you're thankful you aren't deeper in nature and in a position to get truly lost.

Easy trail. Perfect for those w kids looking for a "starter" trail.

on Haverford Reserve Trail

trail running
10 months ago

Nice trails, well maintained and good for runs or walks. These trails are definitely on the easy side and I usually don't see a whole lot of people so it's relaxing. Make your way back to the back woods trail, there is some history back there...

Nice trail around the university. Little off trails and well graveled/groomed.

Very scenic & relaxing. Felt like you were in a far off forest despite being close to the city. My only critique is that the loop wasnt marked too well & it was semi difficult knowing where we were. Im sure a 2nd visit would help to understand the trail better.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

loved it here! walked for hours through the trails

Sunday, March 27, 2016