2 months ago

I like these trails. There's a nice variety of lengths, terrain, and comfort levels, so it's your call on how tough or long you day is. There could be a couple more signposts and blazes, but it doesn't ruin the day or anything.

The Southside trail is paved for the first 1/4 of the trail. Then it turns into gravel for a bit and then into dirt. Good for a short hike with a stroller! .5 mile in and a .5 mile out. The park has a huge playground as well.

6 months ago

I've gone hiking here dozens of times now and I'm pleased to always be finding new trails. There are trails that aren't even on their maps but I love finding them. It's also great for bringing kids along if they're about 5 or up.

The trails are easy but not very well marked. It gets confusing in some parts to the point where you're thankful you aren't deeper in nature and in a position to get truly lost.

Easy trail. Perfect for those w kids looking for a "starter" trail.