Although it's rated "easy" this is a beautiful trail for all seasons. The grassy meadows surrounding the pond provide a wonderful introduction to the wooded trails that lay beyond.
Take note that the upper trails cross a private paved driveway.
Pine Hollow Trail is my favorite~

The tree lookout is really something and totally worth it. Very relaxing yet does challenge you enough while you hike. I love it here.

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2 years ago

Hiked the Purple Trail. After we got past the car parts, scrap wood, and horse manure on the trail it turned out to be a nice and challenging trail. There are some nice fern patches and an overlook on Trail 10 that should look especially nice in the Fall. The Hartwood Acres Mansion is a bonus if you have the time to see it.

This is a good trail but very narrow in most places. There is a limited view and the vegetation is quite thick is some places and extend into the trail. The trails are marked very well.

2 years ago

mountain biking
3 years ago

Great mountain biking trails. Some technical, some easy, some hills, some flats, it has it all. Great place for all riders. Very beautiful and lots of wildlife.

Love this place. I can take my toddler for a walk and it's not too much for him. Very well kept trails and well marked. Great trails for the whole family.

This is a scenic area and quite peaceful; however, as another reviewer noted, there are coyotes in the surrounding woods. Coyotes are not usually threatening to humans, but it's worth reading up on them ahead of time and feeling prepared before hearing their not-so distant howls in the trees.