This is actually made up of the blue and red trail with the blue trail being on the souther portion of the lake and the red trail to the north. The blue trail is beautiful as it goes right along the lake under a 95% tree coverage. Lots of grade changes and many exposed roots and rocks. One of our favorite trail running spots as it offers a higher difficulty while also providing an incredible view the entire way. The red trail is a little longer and is more gravel on a mostly exposed trail with not much in the way of a view. I didn’t care for the red trail as much to be honest but the blue trail is a gem.

Adequate for trail running, I ran through a bunch of spiderwebs but aside from that it was nice. As already mentioned, half is on paved roads. It was nice in the woodsy area!

Manicured path. 1/2 in the woods, half on a paved path beside a busy road. Moderate traffic. Not the best if you're looking for more than a stroll in the woods

Blue/Red loop is an awesome day hike Just remember you share the trail with horses.

This trail appears to be on private property. there is no where to park, and there is a sign saying trail closed.

1 month ago

So not really sure what this is supposed to be. I started on what looked like the trail, meandered around for ten minutes, decided to cross the creek, found the trail, and then came across all these no trespassing signs. There's nowhere to park - room for maybe two cars at best by the red gate (if you're even allowed to park there??) I don't know. I won't go back and I don't think this should even be listed as a trail on here.

Really nicely done. Great job programmers.

I like this place, great hiking and after... kayak or paddle board to relax. Super!