Pretty good place to run and meet other hikers. Will need to take my bike over here sometime.

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Absolutely in love with Green Lane. I took the dog with me for a hike this time which was so enjoyable. I've hiked quite a few of the trails around the reservoir which all have beautiful views. Definitely recommend!

gorgeous views! the trails aren't too difficult to climb although there are some tough areas. did blue, red and green trails. signage throughout warning of difficult hills and ticks.

Nice 12 mile loop if you get familiar with the trails. You can take a look at my hike but if you go blue to red or red to blue and use all the alternate paths on red, it's a great hike and you stay out of the sun. On Red there is green trail called Hemlock I believe then few more off the main red path that keep you off the paved path and basic gravel path.

on Green Lane - Blue Trail

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It wasn't a difficult hike, but it was longer than expected. There are several houses on the trail.

I loved it. Maybe if you're in great shape and hike tougher paths more often you won't find it challenging but I thought Blue was pretty tough, and there were a few times when I wished I'd had some hiking boots; I can think of at least two or three fairly steep inclines and declines where I slipped on the uneven rocky terrain.

All in all I loved the trail. Took Blue out to Perkiomen and that to Green and Red back to Blue. Very nice, very pretty hike. A great way to kill four or five hours.

7 months ago

A very easy hike for something considered difficult! I wish I knew before hand, as I would have brought my trail running shoes instead of my hiking boots! The blue trail is nice and shady, well marked, and has great views of the reservoir. Orange is an easy look which would be good for a beginner train runner. Red trail and the corresponding offshoots are easy, pretty flat and without a lot of shade. Recommend this place a lot, especially if you have time to rent a canoe or paddle board for the afternoon.

Great trail. Very challenging. Parked at Knight Road parking lot and hiked south east to the camping ground area off of Hill Road and retraced route back. It took me 2-1/2 hours and was between 8 and 9 miles by my estimate. As others have mentioned, the Blue Trail is not a loop trail and the route I described above pretty much syncs up with what is indicated on the PA DCNR map for the park. The description of this trail should be amended as such.

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