Rich in modern recreational facilities and historical significance, Fort Washington blossoms with flowering dogwood in the spring. The park takes its name from the temporary fort built by George Washingtons troops in the fall of 1777, before heading to Valley Forge. The park is popular with hikers and picnickers. Birders enjoy the seasonal migration of raptors from the Observation Deck.

Easy and nice dirt trail for mountain bike

trail running
23 days ago

I just walked the entire trail with a good friend today. We started in north wales. I was very surprised at just how much of this trail is in the woods away from the crowds and streets. It is very nice how it stays close to the creek. The water crossings are easy thanks to the stones they have placed in the water to assist you. As long as you have a map of the trail you should be ok because there are a few places where you have to cross a road and pick the trail up a little on down the road. The trail is not very challenging but if you want a long hike through the woods you should take a day and walk the whole trail.