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Went to see the fall foliage on 03 November, but majority of leaves had fallen (cold season starts earlier there). Still well worth it. Beautiful moss covered rocks line many portions of the trail. Eventually, you walk along some roaring mountain streams. Probably not an "easy" trail, but certainly not hard. Would recommend as a pleasant day hike.

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8 days ago

Went a coupe weeks ago, its really rough biking , really rocky , coupe fast downhills, it was a good workout

Not sure why I couldn't check in when I was clearly at Quebec Run Wild Area. Anyway. Good day to get in some training with my dog. 31 degrees, snow flurries, and cloudy. The trail was wet and a little rocky. Started at the Tebout Trail and hiked 8 miles.

22 days ago

I think this trail leans closer to “moderate” than “easy” in difficulty (ignoring the fact that it was covered in snow when I completed it). Most of the trail is narrow and rocky.

Good hike. The pull up out of there definitely tests your legs. Camp sites along the river are gorgeous...I will have to come back. Be a fun weekender.

Due to all the recent rain, the trail has spots where the mud is unavoidable and where a river crossing means you're going to wet. I enjoyed the many tiny waterfalls and the tower yielded better views than expected. This was a fun little muddy nature walk.

Love the trails. Easy to follow with the signs. Camped out with a nice view of the river. Definitely recommend

Great hike! As suggested begin by climbing the tower to see panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Then hike down into a valley crossed by multiple fast moving streams. Recent rains made these quite active and beautiful. They can be crossed with dry feet, but I would recommend hiking boots in general due to mud and water on the trail. There is an underground spring (indicated by a small sign) that bubbles to the surface near a downed tree. Fall light was fantastic. Most of the woods are stunted by the high altitude climate, letting more sunlight in for rhododendrons and Mountain Laurel. Lots of great Hemlocks close to the water. Even spotted a porcupine climbing a tree near the end of the loop.

1 month ago

Nice day on a wet trail....the dam is worth a look.

I enjoyed this outing. It is an easy trail in the forest. There is a tower that you must climb, I believe it’s 7 flights up. The view is amazing. Today (early September) you could see the leaves beginning to change. I imagine it will be even better during the peak of Fall.

I advise those who are looking to not only do the loop but to also climb the look out tower to tackle the tower first. Beautiful / Breathtaking view(s) - make sure to take in the beauty and snap a few pictures while your at it.

The ‘loop’ is quite challenging. Wear sturdy shoes, your feet will thank you later. Wonder / scenic path that will show you its huge boulders / fields of ferns and streams for an individuals puppy(ies) to jump in / grab a drink of water.

Over all, a fantastic location.

1st half downhill, 2nd half uphill. Nice creek at at around 3 miles mark. Nothing special to see from the watch tower. The trial is rocky, muddy and not well marked. Not worth the drive.

Really enjoyed the trail, felt longer than 5.4 miles but was a nice trail

LOVED IT!!!! Did the loop and it was a great challenge! Beautiful with lots of streams for my pups to get into to cool off and drink. Will be back!

this loop is actually about 7 miles, so account for that. if you save the high point for last, you'll be doing a significant amount of uphills, so bring water and good shoes. we couldn't figure out how to find the rock outcropping for a view and didnt have time to look around, as a thunderstorm started rolling in. nice trail though. peaceful, and a nice way to get in some distance.

Easy, level, and well cleared trail. Nice overlook tower near the high point. Enjoyed this hike with my husband and dog.

Quebec Run Wild Area is my favorite place to hike with my dogs. Lots of streams and very few people (if any) around. A good 8 mile loop starts at the North parking lot, down Quebec Road to Brocker, to Hess, to Rankin then back up Quebec Road. Rankin is a beautiful trail with numerous small waterfalls to enjoy. There are some fairly steep ascents which make it a good workout for humans and dogs alike. In the summer months stop at the Stone House BBQ tent on National Pike for some pulled pork and an ice cold beer after your hike.

3 months ago

Nice hike for an overnight backpacking trip. Trail can be pretty muddy in wet weather, especially around Seven Springs where morons tear it up on bicycles despite the signs saying not to. The steep descent and equally steep ascent around the 6 mile mark is pretty tough.

4 months ago

The Hike was nice and the area is full of other great locations. Check out my full write up along with with pictures and things to look out for.

A friend and I hiked a variation of this loop. We started from the trailhead on Skyline Drive and used Tebolt, Mill Run, Rankin, and Hess to form a loop which recorded as 10.7 miles. It rained off and on all day so trails were muddy with flowing water in some spots. We saw some mountain laurel in bloom along Skyline drive and saw a few rhododendron plants with flowers, but not anywhere near "peak" blooming. A few other bikers and hikers were out and there was a tent pitched along the lower section of Quebec Run south of the bridge to the grist mill ruins.
I can't say I've ever had a bad day at Quebec. I've hiked (and backpacked) here in all seasons. It's a real treasure and gets better as the forest matures.

This definitely is a great place to go to. Many trails to go to, awesome vistas, and being able to be on the top of Pennsylvania is pretty cool. I definitely got some amazing photos here. My only complaint—it is a bit difficult to navigate and find more things, but if you know where you’re going and what you’re doing, this would be an awesome place for you. Don’t go off trail, though—I came close to a timber rattlesnake.

It’s a pretty long loop definitely some struggles on Hess Trail. However, Hess trail was the last trail my wife and I hiked. There are some beautiful stream crossings an abundance of wildlife and plenty of little orange salamanders along the hike. We completed it in a little over 5 hours. I’d recommend looking at the weather first we live in this area and flash floods can happen out of nowhere with a little rain on the mountain.

5 months ago

Took Miller trail to Mill Run Trail and set up camp by rushing water, which was awesome. Lucky for us the rain kept most backpackers away, I can imagine this being a good destination for a lot of people being so close to the city. It's definitely hilly. Not for the faint of heart. We hiked a bit more along Mill Run Trail after setting up camp. In the morning we took Rankin back to Hess to the parking lot so we ended up doing a loop. Highly recommend for a quick getaway!

6 months ago

My original plan was to park at Lick Hollow Picnic area for a two day trip, out and back to the Quebec Run Wilderness Area. But when I found out that they don't allow overnight parking at Lick Hollow (and that it doesn't open until Memorial Day), I decided to start at Quebec Run and hike north instead of south. I learned, however, that there is no camping allowed at the Pine Knob overlook area, so I had to make do elsewhere. There is a small parking area on Pine Knob Road where the trail leaves the road to head toward Redstone Creek. Redstone Creek appears to be a reliable source of water year-round (always a good idea to treat water). There is a large clearing suitable for group camping (could easily hold a half dozen tents) a bit north of the power line cut near Long Run. The trail is very well blazed, but not well-worn. The toughest elevation change is the approach to Redstone Creek coming from the south.

I am writing a second review on this set of trails. I completed this loop (sort of) for the 2nd time yesterday (Sunday, April 8, 2018). This time, I managed to start on the Miller Trail. Made it to the point where the Miller and Grist Trails converge. We didn't see any signs that indicated a change from the Miller trail to the Grist trail. There did not appear to be an intersection. We somehow managed to come off the Miller Trail and end up on Grist - which ends in a parking lot. We had to backtrack. Then tried to take a shortcut through the woods to get back on Miller (which runs parallel to Grist). We hit Quebec Run Creek - and spent a lot of time trying to cross it (it was high). We finally managed to do that - and get back on Miller - and after that we were fine. The signage in this park needs to be fixed for sure. Hoping this happens now since it is spring.

Awesome Trail! A Friend and I completed this on 3/24/18. We tracked 12.59 miles, not 10.6 But we did mess up at first and headed down the access road instead of Miller Trail. We reconnected with the Miller Run Trail by taking Brocker. That might have made the hike longer. You have to be careful in two places. When you park in the parking lot, the access road is directly in front of you and seems like the logical place to start. Really, Miller trail is off to your left (if you are facing the access road and trail information board). The sign for Miller Trail was missing - but the post was still there. All trails after that were well marked EXCEPT for the Rankin/Hess trail split. Down by Quebec Run (along the stream) the trail splits - you can go straight or left. If you go straight you would be heading onto Rankin Trail, NOT continuing on Hess trail which tracks off to the left. We searched for a sign that had fallen but didn't see one. I've sent a message to the Forbes State forest office, hoping they will fix the signs now that winter is over.

Lots of challenging parts to this hike. Lots of rocky stream crossings, and several somewhat steep uphill parts where the terrain was quite rocky. GREAT time. I will definitely do this loop again!

8 months ago

Brought a friend who has never been backpacking for a quick weekend trip and this route worked well. We parked at the north lot and arrived relatively late in the evening but there was a good place to set up camp right at the beginning so it worked out. Water was low but there was still plenty of water available. Relatively easy hiking. Great for new backpackers and a weekend trip.

Definitely the easiest state high peak I've completed, but a fun trail none the less. From the trailhead to the Mount Davis summit is only 0.9 miles and hardly any elevation gain, which makes it very accessible for any hiker. I ended up doing the entire loop which added a little bit more adventure to the hike. I wasn't expecting there to be snow and I was the only one who had done the hike since the snowfall so my trail running shoes were pretty wet by the end. The snow made it a little difficult to tell where the trail was at points but trees are well marked and the AllTrails app was very helpful. There are a couple creek crossings which were running pretty high and I had to find and throw a log down to cross one section, but that made it extra fun. Also saw three white tail deer cross the path about 30 yards ahead. Completed in 2h 14m.

10 months ago

Great trail that will give you a good sweat even in mid 30’s and sunshine. My girlfriend, dog and I had the whole place to ourselves and it was perfect. It was clearly blazed and the trail was still in good shape even with 2 inches of snow on it. This would be great when the Rhododendrons bloom because we saw bushes everywhere we looked on the main trail. We earned our beers and tacos after this one.

Great trail. Just enough of a challenge. I ended up cutting across and taking Brocker Trail, which put me at about 8.5 miles.

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