Approximately 2 miles to the river and back via the cabin road. Very little foot traffic. Nice and quiet along the creek to the Susquehanna. Would also be a good run. Trail to the right of the gate on the other side of the creek looks a little overgrown and steep initial climb. Look for the footbridge.

Beautiful rocks and stream views. nice level 30 minute trail to the river. I just followed the road also. does not Look Like the loop is used and it would be too steep for me anyway.

Didn't see markings for the trail, so just followed the road the whole way. Will probably be very beautiful in the spring, very green and muddy today.

Parking is limited - do not bock the gate, as this is how the local land owners access their cabins.

Gorgeous old growth forests in Eastern Pennsylvania!

The main trail from the lot to the river is easy and at one point was a road. The vista on to the river from the railroad tracks is quite beautiful and so is the creek. Trail beyond that is completely overgrown and eroded, borderline dangerous and to be honest without much to see.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Low traffic hiking spot along a creek. Trail was a little over grown in spots, but that is to be expected. We enjoyed a few paw paws from some trees we found. They were so good. Mid to late September is the time for them.

Saturday, February 09, 2013