I went with my husband and dog on an unusually warm February Saturday. There many other people with dogs. All were very friendly and our dog, Maggie, made lots of new friends. The walk was very good and a bit of a challenge for my very overweight and out of shape husband but not overwhelming.

Awesome place to hike. Fun sights to see with the kids

Very nice trails. Lots of hills a few waterfalls, I would call this easier hiking. Enjoyed myself... even in the winter.

Really fun hike! Lots of smaller trails wind in and out of the main one leading you to boulders, creeks and little historic gems. Great, easy hike and makes for good saturday of discovery.

trail running
1 month ago

This rating reflects the consideration that it is convenient to downtown, easy to find and enjoying to run. Running downtown is difficult with all the lights and I was easily able to find this trail from my hotel and have a nice run. I especially liked running past the historic looking homes of the rowing clubs on the river. If you aren't able to get out of town to run, this is way better than running the streets.
Run the race!

took the white trail which was lovely. elevation was minimal and the path was easy to walk. I'm sure it's beautiful in the spring and summer.

Lots of great trails. Parking can be tough on weekends.

road biking
2 months ago