This is a nice find in the Exton area, on an abandoned road with wooded trails and an elevated view of Route 30 and Immaculata University. I enjoyed the flat wooded road, but I did not follow the off road trail as recorded here. I went past a couple of interesting looking houses and an old barn that might belong to the nearby Church Farm School and I continued on Old Valley Rd. There’s a trail past the old barn with elevation that leads to a few other trails. I followed one trail that leads out behind houses on Spring Valley Rd.

Heavy odors (pig/hog farm?) made it impossible. Hiked 10 minutes and had to leave.

Relatively easy hike. The main trail is almost entirely flat and runs from Ship Rd. in the West almost to Bacton Hill Rd. in the East. There are a few more moderately difficult trails that run North of the main trail. These trails are subtley marked with brown paint on trees and rocks. The entrance to the trails are not marked. There are several old structures throughout the trails including a stone fireplace, spring houses, and several historic residences.

20 days ago