Evansburg State Park is in southcentral Montgomery County between Norristown and Collegeville. Evansburg offers a significant area of green space and relative solitude in an urbanized area. Its main natural feature, the Skippack Creek, has dissected the land into ridges and valleys that create feelings of enclosures and provide scenic views. The narrow valley was first settled and farmed by Mennonites who also powered their industries with the water of the Skippack. Even now, mill remnants, mill buildings and houses from the eighteenth and nineteenth century dot the park landscape and serve as reminders of early American life. Today, the park is a quiltwork of cropland, meadows, old fields and mature woodlands that attracts day use visitors from the Montgomery County and Philadelphia areas. People come to the open play fields, picnic areas, trails, golf course and the relatively tranquil, natural environs.

this would be great if you could actually cross the creek where it tells you to. There's no bridge though it looks like if the water is low enough you could cross at that point but then you have to go up an incredibly steep incline.

a fun little trail to get a few miles in to stay in practice. can be very muddy in parts due to horse traffic. with that traffic also comes horse land mines. hunt in is allowed in some sections, so wear Orange.

easy hike, good way to get away for an hour or two

Brought my dog and we loved this trail! Definitely not the best marked (totally think we went on the horse trail at the beginning) but we made it thanks to some local hikers that do this hike every week. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a long hike but an easy one

3 months ago

Perfect for my dogs. one has a bad hip. it is relatively flat without big stones on the trail and not too long.

Very poorly marked! Ended up quite a walk on busy road but fortunately I had my "map my walk" app on so it got us to our car. Glad it was a beautiful day ! Got my steps in!

A really great hike to get your heart rate up for a fantastic work out. The only issue I had was the fact that parts of the trail were not clearly marked, so I ended up finding myself walking along the horse trail. There was some horse poop, but since it’s Autumn, a lot of it is covered by leaves/decomposing. I wish the parts of the trail that split from the horse friendly parts were more clearly marked. (White dots.)

HOLY HORSE POOP!!! I enjoyed the company I was with, but that was it! This trail was AWFUL ! The trail is marked as multi-use...which is fine, horses DESTROYED this trail!! My friend and I hardly saw anything because our eyes were glued to the ground the entire time because of all of the horse poop and mud from the torn up patches of "path" from the horse activity. I'm all for sharing trails with dogs, bikers, runners, ect, but these horses completely ruined this trail. I'm shocked that it is even marked for hikers to use at all. Even the people on the horses were rude and inconsiderate. When they were coming up to you, you had to trample through mud and poop, and squeeze next to a tree until they passed at their own slow pace. I will definitely NOT GO BACK to this trail or hike any other trail at this park where horses are permitted to go. I will have to do some research and find some trails for HIKERS ONLY because it is a beautiful park, but this was a miserable experience because of the condition the horses left this trail in.

I started from the Old Farmstead which would be at the very end of the second of the three parking sections on your right as you drive in. The trail from the farmstead to the loop is not well documented on the map, so it was a bit confusing. Once arriving at the loop I took a left, heading east/north, and it was a pleasant enough walk until...the areas I encountered were so destroyed by horses that it was not passable without sinking fairly deep into mud. I do not wear knee high boots, so I literally had to turn around and go back.

What really pisses me off is that as a mountain biker, we have always been chastised by municipalities and park authorities about how mountain biking destroys trails and consequently mountain bikes have been prohibited on most trails in most parks in the area. Yet the truth is the most mountain bikers are very sensitive to trail conditions and often volunteer to help maintain them. Mountain bikes could not possibly do the damage that these equestrians do, but because they have the money and influence, they get to continue to destroy these trails such that hikers cannot use them.

Beautiful setting, but about half the trail length was very torn up by horses and was very muddy. Also, this trail has significantly more poison ivy than most others in the area making it very kid unfriendly.

Torn up by horses and very boring. Several trails shown on the map did not exist. Poorly marked. Not recommended on foot

7 months ago

Best trail in Evansburg, but not challenging at all and not that exciting.

Difficult to navigate since it's really poorly marked.

8 months ago

This trail was beautiful and really fun. The only complaint I have is having to cross the Shippack Creek which got my feet soaked for the rest of the trail.

8 months ago

Great trail to go exploring with kids. Note you can not cross over the river where this shows. You have to turn back

Beautiful area & occasionally challenging trail. My one complaint is that it's poorly marked which is particularly troublesome at turns and intersections along the way; despite having a map, that isn't very easy to follow, I got off track several times & became concerned that I was headed in the wrong direction.
The addition of blazes would make this an ideal trail. Be prepared to get muddy if there's been rain or on the spring, some sections were soggy.

Just had bilateral knee replacement surgery 4.5 months ago. The "Loop" took me 2.5 hours to finish, a bit sore and swollen but great morning of rehab!

If not for the part where you walk on road this would be a 5 star trail.

10 months ago

Very hard trail to follow. A decent park though with some nice views of the creek. Ended up walking a bunch of random trails and jumping on and off the loop trail shown for this hike.

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