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First time on this trail...1st 1.25 miles nice challenging climb. Several days if rain so trail had several inches of run off coming down the trail. Slippery rocks challenging. Views of valley misty.

Easily one of the most beautiful views in the entire state of New Jersey. A must hike for any outdoor explorer. A very popular trail that was manageable for hikers of any experience level.

Love this hike, usually pretty busy tho so at some times it’s not to peaceful , usually younger kids playing music out loud instead of enjoying the sound of nature! Still a good hike tho , go from red to blue for sure !

A true gem! Managed to get there this morning from south Jersey and took the red-blue pathway as described. My girlfriend and I conquered this in about two hours. Let me be clear- definitely go Red-blue as I could not imagine walking down the red blazed trail after the summit.

Great trail and an awesome view.

I prefer this hike over MT Tammany mainly because it doesn't get nearly as crowded as Tammany and the views here are still amazing! Plus it's a little longer in distance which is nice. Perfect trail for beginning snow shoeing too!

Best views hike in NJ, problem is it's probably the busiest hike in NJ also. Definitely on the moderate side only because of elevation, distance is easy. Great trail to snow shoe though as it's completely quiet during the winter!

The pond is very nice, there is a very large camping area with nice views, lots of fire rings in the camping section though fires are not allowed according to signage, i recommend you stick to the AT around the pond (white blazed) instead of taking the bypass trail so you dont miss the rock art, only down side is it seems to get very busy during the weekend, oh and make sure you stop at Llama ice cream after your hike, youll thank me later!

It starts at a stone staircase up the waterfall a mile up it turns into a gravel type stone road with lots of colorful wildflowers there’s a vista overlook great for camping and continues 6 miles to wolf rocks kirkridge shelter a mile from 191 wolf rocks great for clearing out my head.

Great to accomplish something on a beautiful day, soaking in God’s amazing creation.

Not overly impressed with this trail. I think there’s way more hype over this trail than it deserves. Maybe I’m just used to hiking the Adirondack and not mountains off the freeway. There were a couple lookouts on the way up but they were very crowded and couldn’t really enjoy it. There was no view at the top at all as far as I could see. The hike down to the stream and waterfall was nice

ASCENT: steep but short, about a mile and a half. Very rocky. Leave your trekking poles in the car and wear hiking boots with ankle support

SUMMIT: Surrounded by trees but not dense so you can see surrounding land but it was still kind of hard to get a good view

Beautiful area, and the falls were spectacular. A recent storm this year made a mess of the trees but fortunately the falls weren't really effected.

Hiked Fire Road up- it was empty, took AT down, a parade of hikers. Beautiful day though, clear sky, nice views of Mt. Tammany

Awesome. scenic views all along the way to the top

One of my all-time favorite trails! The gain is around 1000 feet / mile which makes for some great leg burn along the way. The payoff is well worth the scrambling and effort, and the descent through Dunnfield Creek features super crisp air and pleasant waterfalls. The descent reminds me of Stokes State Forest (to the northeast of Tammany), where you'll see massive hemlocks, cedars, and general old growth forest!

1 month ago

Awesome views of Pennsylvania from the NJ side of the water gap. The trail can be rough in some places. Check out my full write up which includes directions and things to look out for.

The terrain isn’t too rough but given the length of the hike, it can be challenging. The views make it worth it

Great hiking trail, some small inclines but
moderate enough for beginners. Gives a great view of the Delaware River!

We went on this hike with a toddler and a 4 month old. It was beautiful but pretty strenuous with an extra 30 lbs strapped to your back. I would say it is big kid friendly but not toddler friendly. He was very tired on the assent and walked very little on his own. The summit was spacious and he was able to run around while we all ate lunch. Beautiful views but little tree cover this time of year and a lot of downed trees. Parking is atrocious here. If you come after 830 be prepared to be creative on where you put your car. My little lump was asleep the entire time.

Had an absolutely wonderful time hiking this trail today. Every time we came upon another group hiking they were very polite and friendly. The views are absolutely worth the sweat. Can’t wait to come back an enjoy the views again.

Great scenic route definitely take the Appalachian Trail going up.. you can do Loop or stay on the AT...2nd time doing it...Added 3 miles of the AT to the Gas Line Cut out.

awesome trail with decent elevation, very surprised to find it

I’ve seen people actually fall on this hike nonetheless watch your footing & wear some good hiking shoes. The red trail is a decent incline with an awesome view from the top. Come down on the blue trail for some beautiful water sounds.

Nice hike. Enough incline to get the blood flowing, great views for the area. Easily accessible and nice diversity between red and blue trails. It took us about 3 hours with some nice rests at the summit.

Great hike, a bit strenuous at times headed up the red trail, but the view from the top is worth it! It was a little crowded at the top the day I hiked it. We descended down the blue trail which is less steep than the red. There is a nice waterfall before you reach the parking lot

Woke up at 2am to catch the sunrise, totally worth it! The hike up was challenging due to the snow but the view at the top was well worth it. The sunrise slowly turned the perfect view of mt minsi to a golden red making for a great photo op, highly reccomend this mountain.

Busy trail, very ROCKY!!! Great views and photos. Well marked trails. Wear the right clothing/footwear. You are mostly walking on large rocks. We went up red and down blue. The waterfall at the bottom was amazing after it rained the night before.

Loved the variety of this hike. The ascent was steep and rocky. It was pretty icy towards the top. The rocky overlook was so gorgeous. Going down was such a treat! After getting past the snowy part the trail clears and your deep in the forest which leads to a creek with a modest waterfall. Many downed trees over the creek. Very pleased with this hike! The dog loved it.

1 month ago

Trail completely obliterated by downed trees. Literally HUNDREDS. You have to bushwhack a lot to get through.

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