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Hiking up the red dot was tough but the views at the top were amazing. Also when you're about to hit the green from blue there is a spot where me and other people were jumping into a pool of water from the rocks. Its not allowed but it was very fun. Will go again.

Started at the Douglas trailhead lot which had a decent amount of parking. Headed up the Douglas trail which was a pretty steep climb but the trail was wide and we took it at an easy pace. Connected with the AT and followed that to an area with a very nice overlook of the valley. Continued on the AT until we got to Sunfish Pond where we scoped out a shady spot for some lunch. Found a shedded snakeskin near our lunch spot which was neat. After lunch, got back on the AT and hugged the shoreline of the pond where we saw a few salamanders and a bunch of frogs. At the far end of the pond we came to the Garvey Springs trail which headed back down the mountain. At the junction with the Rockcores trail we went right which seemed to be a less traveled trail and it definitely paid off. As we made our way down we came across a young black bear digging through a rotting tree stump. Upon noticing us, the bear calmly ambled up the mountainside and out of sight. A short distance further and we were back to the parking lot. All in all, a nice 5 mile loop for a late morning / early afternoon hike!

Awesome climb. The view is worth every second of this hike. Walk back using blue trail to cool off at the bottom of the mountain. Will be going back without a doubt.

Definitely a more difficult “moderate” trail. Take your time and bring lots of water, some parts were pretty strenuous. Fantastic view made it worth the climb.

Did it on a Monday with 16 year old son. Great time. Challenging but very doable. First 1 - 1.5 mile strenuous uphill. Last 1.5-2.0 miles. downhill. In and out in 3 hours. beautiful views. Other people on the trail so you feel pretty safe. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Good time.

Favorite spot in NJ hands down! I've hiked it about a dozen times and I'll probably go at least a dozen more. I recommend going up the red and coming down the blue. The red trail has sections that are fairly steep but there's a great view after the first major incline. Bring water and take breaks! The view at the top is amazing and there's an area with small waterfalls and a small pool where you can cool off at the bottom of the blue trail. Highly recommended!

I think this hike was on the more challenging side of moderate. I enjoyed it very much and would certainly do again. Amazing views.

Very nice trail I love it. I will back soon

Great hike however do note as of sighting 7/5/18 just after first false summit/view point, aprox 50 feet to the left of trail in brush: —BLACK BEAR MOTHER AND CUB ARE LIVING NEARBY AND WERE SPOTTED. STAY ALERT. TEACH ANY KIDS JOINING PROPER BEHAVIOR IF YOU ENCOUNTER THE BLACK BEAR FAMILY—. The bear was calm and did not approach us. The State of NJ issues a black bear guide for free as well and is also available on their website: https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/bearfacts_safetytips.htm

Difficulty: This certainly edges on the more difficult side of moderate as beginning incline and subsequent ascents are reminiscent of Mount Jefferson in the New Hampshire White Mountains (3rd highest NE peak behind Wash/Adams. There are periods of flat or near flat trailhead however between climbs. Spectacular views after initial descent which are noted on AllTrails map.

Have fun and remember bug spray!

fun, moderate hike with great views. fern forest and creak are beautiful.

one of the best hikes in the area

Fabulous hike, steep but not crazy. Amazing views, adolescent bear on the edge of the path. Highly recommended

Perfect place to hit on a unexpected day off of work.

Good workout on the ascent. Had my son and my dog with me so was carrying a full pack of water and snacks. Made it a little more challenging. Summit was worth it.

21 days ago

Awesome views of Pennsylvania from the NJ side of the water gap. The trail can be rough in some places. Check out my full write up which includes directions and things to look out for.

Great hike, wear go hiking shoes or you'll surf the Rocks.

Second time doing this hike, even better than the first. Ran into 3 bears early morning, one alone and later a mama bear and cub. Views for days.

My first official hike - challenging and satisfying, with beautiful views at the summit.

Started at trail head off 402 going counterclockwise. Stopped after just over 1 mile near Saw Creek due to poor trail maintenance (several dozen downed trees or large branches) and tons of poison ivy.

Awesome first time hike. Definitely step at most points and rocky but for my very first hike it was great. kinda proud of myself. lol

I saw a couple of deers
And a beautiful waterfall

Fantastic little trail that leads to pretty waterfalls. My dogs and I had a blast playing in the water this morning. I couldn’t believe we were the only ones there. Truly a hidden gem. We’ll definitely be back!!

Ok, the first half mile of Red Dot is rock climbing, not hiking. This is a hard trail. I’ve never hiked before and my wife was an avid hiker in her 20’s and she said she would have trained for this trail.

However, the views, waterfalls, and streams on the Blue, Green, and White trail down are awesome.

Bring water and food.

Great trip!!

This was a really fun hike! It's definitely steep going up the red dot trail, but so worth the climb! At certain points you are climbing up large rocks and the climb is pretty steep. The views at both look out points were spectacular. You get such a great view of the river, the cliff, the mountains, and rt.80. The main look out at the top is great to sit at and eat lunch and talk to other hikers. It does get pretty crowded, but there is more than enough room sit and enjoy the view. I like others would absolutely recommend going UP the red trail and DOWN the blue. The red trail is very rocky and very steep. I would say that going down the steep rocks and cliffs would be slightly dangerous. It was a great trail, and I not only recommend going to checknit out, but I myself would go back to hike it again!

1 month ago

Good vies point. Nice hike. Start with red and come back in blue. Preferable when it’s raining, (rocks will be slippery) but nice view and little falls when it’s raining.

Very nice, moderate climb. start with red dot and come back with blue.

Lots of folks on Red Dot, even at 9am on a Fri, but didn’t see a single other person until Sunfish Pond when I left the Blue trail. That walk along the ridge is beautiful mountain meadows full of blueberry bushes, and a tight little animal track down Turquoise to the pond—don’t miss the turn! Swam in the pond, ate lunch, saw a few snakes snacking on frogs, and then didn’t see another person once I was on Turquoise again.

If you’re going counterclockwise, the end of the trail is closed, you have to divert to Red and finish on the AT, which is crowded again.

Beautiful, full-day hike!

This was a beautiful hike. Beware, the trail is not prepped for the season. Meaning, there are a lot of lot hanging branches and logs to jump over. Since it had just rained, there were several places that were too soft for trail shoes. Hiking boots are recommended. All told, it's long, moderate and gorgeous.

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