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For 40 miles the Middle Delaware River passes between low forested mountains with barely a house in sight. Then the river cuts through the mountain ridge to form the famed "Water Gap." Exiting the park, the river will run 200 miles more to Delaware Bay at Wilmington, Delaware, and then to the Atlantic Ocean.

Awesome views !! Worth the hike. I would start at the red dot end, although it's the steeper end with a lot of rock climbing, it'll be way harder to come back down the red dot trail vs climb up it. It's easier to come down the other side ( less rocks/more even grounds).. Sooooo many flies tho! I left with about 20 or so bites from head to toe ! Yikes! So come with extra bug spray while wearing long sleeves clothing for protection

Harder than it first seems, but the views at the top were nice.

Very nice view to the reservoir from the trail

Great hike I loved this one!! Great views you do pass a lot of people which is eh but otherwise nice and relaxing ... did see a rattle snake right in the middle of trail! Thank god I always watch where I walk :)

Great trail...White with red dot trail up to 2 overlooks...
Rocky trail up..definitely a good work out...worth every step to the top...can see for miles and miles.
White with red dot trail up loop down to blue. then connect to white to parking lot.

Fantastic trail. Beautiful views from the top of mountain. streams and waterfalls. connects to several other trails as well!

Good workout going up, nice views from the top. A bit close to the highway for my tastes.

Nice trail, a bit crowded and rocky. Sunfish pond is nice, but the highlight was the backpackers campground before the pond. Great views from all the campsites.