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For 40 miles the Middle Delaware River passes between low forested mountains with barely a house in sight. Then the river cuts through the mountain ridge to form the famed "Water Gap." Exiting the park, the river will run 200 miles more to Delaware Bay at Wilmington, Delaware, and then to the Atlantic Ocean.

The map doesn't show the entire trail. It actually looks around after crossing 402 in the north and back to the parking lot in the south. Check the PA Delaware State Forest website for the full trail map.

East side of the trail is a fun five: water crossings, magnolia tunnels, views, and rocks to billy-goat. West side of the trail is a mild slope and it tanked the rating to a three. Advice: go there and back from the high view along the East loop of the trail.

Has several views along the ridge. The low water makes the trail understated with ups and downs that are flat and grassy. Mines where bricked. Skippable.

Some difficult spots but the scenery and views are well worth it!

This was my first trail that I have ever done and it is still my favorite! The trail may be difficult at times but the variety of scenery and activity (especially the waterfalls) makes it enjoyable!

Awesome hike! Started at the camp Mohican visitor center where the people were super friendly and helpful. The AT is really rocky, so made sure you were good hiking boots. The views at the top of raccoon ridge are amazing; a 360 degree view. Make sure you go to the top. You'll know you're almost there when you see a worthington state forest sign. We decided to keep going towards sunfish lake but when the trail forked we went right and I think we were supposed to go left. Instead of 8 miles round trip, we ended up doing 10 and never got to see sunfish. We saw two copperhead snakes by the power lines, one of them was the biggest snake I have ever seen. Be wary of the snakes.

13 days ago