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For 40 miles the Middle Delaware River passes between low forested mountains with barely a house in sight. Then the river cuts through the mountain ridge to form the famed "Water Gap." Exiting the park, the river will run 200 miles more to Delaware Bay at Wilmington, Delaware, and then to the Atlantic Ocean.

I am writing this 5 months late and I don't remember this being a loop, so perhaps we went back the wrong way!

We went on an early, rainy morning, so fortunately we did not come across the crowd that many others have written about. What we did see A LOT of were these tiny, orange salamander looking creatures.We made it a game to name each one of them :) The hike was definitely moderate; not too easy, not too hard. The lookout point overseeing the Delaware River was unreal. Because we were the only ones there, we took our time and ate our lunch in peace.

After hiking the trail even further, we got to the point though where we just had to turn back, otherwise we wold have continued on the AT -- so this is the part that confuses me about this being categorized as a loop.

We'll probably go back to figure out where we went wrong...or simply to enjoy the trail again, but it was seriously a lot of fun :)

Lots of views, creek, good proper hike!

2 days ago

2 days ago

4-stars only because of the crowds on weekends/holidays. Otherwise a 5-star hike/trail run, definitely one of the best NJ has to offer!

Scenery is beautiful at all times of the year, and once you get about a half mile in, most of the road noise fades away, so has the potential to be a nice quiet and peaceful spot if it isn't crowded.

The climb along the red-dot trail is fairly rocky and challenging (by NJ hiking standards). Definitely a good workout! I recommend wearing proper footwear in apps seasons, but especially in the winter, or after it rains.

Also recommend visiting during the week, if possible, as you'll basically have the place to yourself. Weekends are always crowded during the spring, summer, and fall though. Sometimes to the extent that it is not possible to find a parking space.

I've done this loop many times in different seasons, and keep coming back. Great area!

Great hiking trails for family. Outstanding view from the top of the Mt. Tammany. Careful for parking ticket.