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For 40 miles the Middle Delaware River passes between low forested mountains with barely a house in sight. Then the river cuts through the mountain ridge to form the famed "Water Gap." Exiting the park, the river will run 200 miles more to Delaware Bay at Wilmington, Delaware, and then to the Atlantic Ocean.

Second time doing this hike, even better than the first. Ran into 3 bears early morning, one alone and later a mama bear and cub. Views for days.

My first official hike - challenging and satisfying, with beautiful views at the summit.

Great hike! The MOC was also a great spot. Only problem was that we got turned around well before reaching even the merge w Kaiser because we walked right up on a very large bear standing just off the trail while coming around a bend. I was with my two young kids and dog (on leash) so didn’t want to take the chance of waiting it out and continuing on. The bear didn’t seem afraid and just kept doing what it was doing even though we were making plenty of noise. As soon as it turned away from us we slowly backed off and then hiked back down. The kids were psyched because we went and swam in the lake for a while instead. Which was a great way to end the outing. Will be back to do the full route ASAP!

Nice summer trail.Take the AT scenic route(White marked) from trailhead bottom & descend via non white marked gradual down path.

Started at trail head off 402 going counterclockwise. Stopped after just over 1 mile near Saw Creek due to poor trail maintenance (several dozen downed trees or large branches) and tons of poison ivy.

If you’re doing the loop, I would do the AT up and the fire road down. The AT was fun hike, but you
get a lot of noise from the highway. Fire road was much easier, but more peaceful.

Nice hike, great views going up the red dot trail. If you only do the red dot to blue dot it is a pretty short hike, I elected to do the sunfish pond as well. This part was quite easy but long.

Awesome first time hike. Definitely step at most points and rocky but for my very first hike it was great. kinda proud of myself. lol

I saw a couple of deers
And a beautiful waterfall

Very shady and generally easygoing. A few nice peaks to stop at as well.

10 days ago

This is a great hike along the Appalachian Trail. Incredible views and a great workout. Check out my full write up that includes directions and things to look out for.

Got there early in the morning with a slight drizzle. We hiked the easier section to make the summit and when the rain began to come down rather steady. On the way down, we moved down along the ridge line. This portion is much more rocky and challenging with multiple switchbacks and narrow paths, but is marked well.

Even with the rain, we ran into multiple groups oh hikers both day trippers and Appalachian Trail through hikers. The views from the summit and multiple vistas are spectacular.

Completed in a little under four hours and that was at pretty leisurely pace. Would definitely do it again.

Fantastic little trail that leads to pretty waterfalls. My dogs and I had a blast playing in the water this morning. I couldn’t believe we were the only ones there. Truly a hidden gem. We’ll definitely be back!!

Great trail! It seemed to be hit heavily by recent storms (as did other trails in the area) and the path is now lined with downed trees. The access to the two ponds trail is also blocked by downed trees. It had rained the night before and there were parts that were very muddy. This trail was used for what appeared to be school or camp groups and there were very noisy groups of children. However, these things will not deter me from using this trail again.

This is one of my new favorite trails in the area. It was empty when I brought my dogs and all I could hear was the birds chirping. It was very peaceful. There are some inclines and declines but overall a relatively easy trail.

Great views, steady uphill at the beginning

Nice hike!

nice views the only thing was the sound of the highway below. the back half was quite.

This greenery was absolutely breathtaking. One of my favorite hikes.

Ok, the first half mile of Red Dot is rock climbing, not hiking. This is a hard trail. I’ve never hiked before and my wife was an avid hiker in her 20’s and she said she would have trained for this trail.

However, the views, waterfalls, and streams on the Blue, Green, and White trail down are awesome.

Bring water and food.

Great trip!!

This was a really fun hike! It's definitely steep going up the red dot trail, but so worth the climb! At certain points you are climbing up large rocks and the climb is pretty steep. The views at both look out points were spectacular. You get such a great view of the river, the cliff, the mountains, and rt.80. The main look out at the top is great to sit at and eat lunch and talk to other hikers. It does get pretty crowded, but there is more than enough room sit and enjoy the view. I like others would absolutely recommend going UP the red trail and DOWN the blue. The red trail is very rocky and very steep. I would say that going down the steep rocks and cliffs would be slightly dangerous. It was a great trail, and I not only recommend going to checknit out, but I myself would go back to hike it again!

24 days ago

Good vies point. Nice hike. Start with red and come back in blue. Preferable when it’s raining, (rocks will be slippery) but nice view and little falls when it’s raining.

A fun hike with beautiful lookout views of the Delaware River. Bring lots of water on a hot day.

Very nice, moderate climb. start with red dot and come back with blue.

Tough vertical climb but well worth the view

This was a really nice trail. Definitely “moderate” with some steep sections in each direction. We went after a rainy day and it was mostly dry with a few muddy sections. The park service has done a great job clearing the trail of fallen trees from this winter’s storm.

Lots of folks on Red Dot, even at 9am on a Fri, but didn’t see a single other person until Sunfish Pond when I left the Blue trail. That walk along the ridge is beautiful mountain meadows full of blueberry bushes, and a tight little animal track down Turquoise to the pond—don’t miss the turn! Swam in the pond, ate lunch, saw a few snakes snacking on frogs, and then didn’t see another person once I was on Turquoise again.

If you’re going counterclockwise, the end of the trail is closed, you have to divert to Red and finish on the AT, which is crowded again.

Beautiful, full-day hike!

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