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We did this last year with family. It is such a nice, well kept park.

beautiful area

My favorite park for over 20 years; there are many trails and we hike them all year through sun. mud and snow.

This was a great trail for the kids. Along the way there are 3 different playgrounds which the kids loved. Broke up the hike for them and made our time together longer

This is a little more developed than I like but it is still a beautiful park.

Nice, not great. A lot of people walking their dogs.

Very pleasant. My friends who live here walk in this park often and were nice enough to share it. It was a beautiful November day but we ran out of daylight.

Did this one in about 5" of old snow. It was an OK trail but lacking in views. Kind of felt like plodding along through the same stretch of boring woods for 1.5 hr.

Park doesn't seem to have anything in the way of markers beyond simple tree blazes. No junction signs or other information. Not all that well maintained.

This is one of my favorite place to hike close to my home - I have been here and photographed during every season multiple times and every time It's a spirit re-freshener - My favorite thing is to hike around the upper lake and through the trails that is a frisbee golf course. I bring my dog here when it's not too cold and she loves sniffing out where where the geese have been. This is a clean and safe park - There is a waterfall at the corner of the park and a play place for kids. It's one of my favorite go to's.

I wasn't that impressed.

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Very fun trails. A little technical in some spots which makes for a fun ride.

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