Great little short walk in the woods near home. I am not sure I agree with the trail rating of "moderate", very easy 1 mile loop. There is a foot bridge to cross the creek and connects the park to Penn Hills park.

Beautiful but potentially dangerous drop off.

Nice, quite, clean. Great place for dogs!!

Very cute park to take your dog to! Pretty steep trails which aren't clearly marked but nonetheless it was a good time.

The scenery was beautiful, but I thought there were too many hills, and not enough creek. I wasn't a fan of the multiple trails, they tell you that you need to stay on the trail, but the trails are not clearly marked. Also, we liked to stop and play in the creek, there was an easy access to deep, fast flowing water... Not safe at ALL! The trail said it was for all ages, but after walking it, I don't think it's kid friendly.

Nice trail, with quite a bit of alternative routes. Some steep inclines or more gradual, depending on which trail you take. A lot of nice valley views, as well as a good portion running along a smaller stream and then a larger one. The downside is that it is a pretty active trail, and parts of it runs near the loud PA Turnpike as well as Penn Hills Park, where there's usually a lot of activity.

Nice little trail system and very dog friendly. Well maintained and super clean for as many off leash dogs as we saw. Only warning would be some of the trails are very rocky and are very slippery when wet.

I hike portions of the trails frequently with my dog. Trails are pretty nice, though you can hear traffic on the PA turnpike a little ways off. This is a favorite place for people to bring their dogs and people and dogs are friendly.