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The 8,500-acre Cook Forest State Park lies in scenic northwestern Pennsylvania. Once called the Black Forest, the area is famous for its stands of old growth forest. Cook Forests Forest Cathedral of towering white pines and hemlocks is a National Natural Landmark. The Clarion River connects Clear Creek State Park to Cook Forest State Park along a scenic 10-mile stretch of river which is popular for canoeing and rafting.

Close by parking, trail was easy to find and well labeled. Great views by the river :)

4 months ago

Beautiful hike, we did hit a fork in the road where we thought it would loop around to, but it never did. We will have to go back some day and take the left fork. Trail does kind of empty out on to the road at the end, follow it down hill about 100 feet to hop back into the trail then take a sharp left to get back to the trail head.

Good trail for beginners and children. lots of little spur trails to get tour heart rate up and legs some exercise.
I will do it again soon

A quick, family-friendly hike. Easily to follow and the views are great.

Overall great hike!! We took the Seneca trail all the way up and around and back down. Strenuous on the uphill but beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful! It is hilly on the way up and downhill on the way down. A very beautiful area. Glad we chose this hike. Lots of little trails intersect with this trail making a big loop. Very well maintained. Nice areas to camp.

Hiked down to the river for a nice lunch view. Someone turned the trail sign and we missed the turn to complete the loop. Ended up continuing on Baker’s Trail until Gravel Lick Run. Ran into a couple who gave us a map. We decided to double back the way we came and glad we did. Turns out the last half mile or so of River Trail is on the dirt access road.

Our 2.2 mike hike turned into 6 miles because the sign was turned. Spontaneous adventure.

The forest cathedral area is gorgeous. It’s a bunch of tiny trails that intersect, some easier and some more up hill. We parked around pavilion number 1, and took Tom’s Run trail to the swinging bridge. We then met up with the rhododendron trail and followed that up to the Indian trial. We headed west on that trail until it met with Longfellow and took that south until it intersected with ancient forest. Ancient forest will again meet up with Longfellow and take you right back to the parking lots. Great hike!

10 months ago

It was a nice short hike for me but I did get confused when I came off the trail onto a road with cabins.... turns out I needed to follow the road just a short ways down to get back on the trail.

10 months ago

Beautiful hike offering a variety of activity options! Clearly marked , well maintained trails.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Beautiful trail! Usually quiet and you will not run into many others on the trail. I've done this trail with young children and their grandfather. there are a few steep sections, but everyone enjoyed the hike

Great trail for all skill levels, love the swinging bridge!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Extremely beautiful, just a little crowded

Monday, July 17, 2017

This trail was a nice little hike. The old growth pines were beautiful and strong and the trail itself was well maintained and marked. I did not care for the recent seats that were shabily cut into a few old fallen pines, to me it took a little away from the asthetics. For novice hiker I would rate this as an easy hike. For a beginner this is slightly moderate. Took about two hours with a dog leading the way and a baby on my wife and my back's.

Perfect hike for family my 4 year old got
A little tired but made it all the way

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Beautiful hike on Longfellow and Ancient Forest trails, though there were a couple very large trees down across the trails. Wish each trail had its own separate entry on here since we didn't do Joyce or Rhododendron :)

Beautiful views, fairly easy hike and just a wonderful trail!

I love Seneca Point, you can see for miles! There is also a fire tower that gives you a great view. Beautiful, well-maintained trails.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Beautiful old growth forest, some trees 300+ years old. Lovely trail through the woods.

Beautiful shaded trails through the woods. There is a beautiful swinging bridge off of Rhododendron Trail. I also love starting at the Environmental Learning Center and taking Longfellow Trail. This is a bit longer hike but you get to see an old well & some trees 300+ years old! They call this area the Forest Cathedral, and it is grand!

Beautiful train. We hiked along the Longfellow trail, switched to the Ancient Forest trail and then took the Tom's Run trail back to the car. We had 6 kids from 4-10 years old with us. They hiked without complaint.

We hiked this trail along with a few neighboring trails along the way to make a 3 mile loop back to where we parked on Forest Road. Many great things to see along the way! Another great trail in Cook Forest State Park! Would greatly recommend!

Saturday, March 05, 2016

We hiked this trail along with a few neighboring trails along the way to make a loop back to where we parked on Forest Road. Many great things to see along the way! Another great trail in Cook Forest State Park!

Saturday, March 05, 2016

First hike of the year, caught a 50 degree February day. Nice trail overall!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Took a bit of rododendrom, longfellow and the red eft.....about 4-5 miles and took indian to get back to the parking lot we were in.....great trail system for some moderate to easy trails. Agree with other review in that the preserved old trees make for a great experience. We found the markings pretty easy despite the trails being covered with leaves.

Weekdays on a holiday week and saw very few people and all trail parts were in good condition. Walks along the creek were nice, road traffic....silence came in the cathedral forest where the hemlocks blocked out all sound. Must do if you are near cook forest.

For a good Hike take the Indian trail and Long Fellow.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

One of my favorites, we would go on this trail and climb around the rocks every summer as a kid. Family friendly and fun!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Very nice 6.5-mile trail system in the largest and one of the best preserved old-growth forest areas in the northeastern U.S. The trails wind through stands of 250-400 year-old Eastern Hemlocks and White Pines that include some of the tallest trees east of the Mississippi River.

An especially nice feature of the Forest Cathedral trail system is that multiple access points and short, interconnected trails allow hikers to select the length and difficulty of their route. More strenuous routes begin near the Cook Forest State Park office. Easier routes begin at the trailheads along Forest Road.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

An interesting series of trails but we had a lot of trouble finding our way. There seemed to be done unofficial created paths that kept causing us confusion. But a lovely walk in a PA old forest.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to finish this trail because I got there rather late in the day. The pics I uploaded are from Liggetts Trail. These trails actually form a part of what is known as Cooks Forest State Park. The trail is quite easy & if you're looking for just a leisurely stroll, this is the trail for you. Dogs are allowed on a leash, I took mine.

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