I've been to these trails before so I can tell you it's very nice however the trails are closed right now, in fact the entire road is closed.

I read that this park is closed indefinitely. sad.

loved this park soery to hear about the damage hoping they restore it soon

This trail, along with many others, is currently closed due to significant storm damage. Unfortunately Childs Park had over 100 trees come down, damaging the many boardwalks and paths. Restoration could take up to 2 years. :-(

Pretty short hike with 3 waterfalls. Very well marked and maintained.

Usually very busy with lots of people but the waterfalls are pretty. Very easy hike, great for kids, not great for strollers because there are some stairs to climb.

Spectacular. Loved this hike with all it’s wooden pathways and waterfalls!

Cute little easy trail

Hike kind of lame. But the waterfalls were amazing and worth the hike.

It is very family friendly! there are options to walk around falls or take a few trails that surround area. This place is compared to BushKills but not as extravagant and it free

Went here a few weekends ago by myself and was presently surprised how easy it was. Got in around 10 with not many people around and by time I left close to 12:15 tons of cars in the parking lot.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

cool waterfall and easy for all ages, check out my write up with pictures and things to look out for.

3 waterfalls in a short loop. Great first hike for granddaughters 7 and 3

Dingman's Falls park was my first stop of the day so I was the only one there. From the parking lot it takes only 5 minutes to reach Silver Thread Falls along the boardwalk and probably another 30 minutes to reach Dingman's Falls. Due to the wide and level boardwalk this is an ideal place for those requiring handicapped access. The climb up the steps to the top of Dingman's Falls gives a view of an upper falls area but it is really the view from the bottom that is best. Because the top of the falls is not shaded by trees it is best to take pictures of this falls on a cloudy or overcast day.

This park is well-maintained and provides an enjoyable walk along a hard-packed clay trail. the first of three falls that you'll see is Factory Falls with the remains of an old stone mill nearby. Further on is Fulmer Falls which looks nice from the obstructed side view but does not offer a good view from below. And further down is Deer Leap Falls that flows from below the bridge and provides a shallow and picturesque swimming and picnic area below. You can also hike up the other side of the falls for different views.

nice and easy

Easy to do with kids. Come prepared for getting wet, there's a swimming hole at the bottom. Wear water shoes in the swimming hole, it's very slippery.

This was a cute, fun and scenic trail. It was pretty trafficked and hard to walk in some spots because of all of the people, but it was still a nice experience. The waterfalls were beautiful, and the trail was very easy to walk on. It was not steep/rocky/slippery from what I remember. It seemed good for all ages. I saw a few older people walking with ease, and my seven year old son was easily able to complete the trail. If you are in the area and want to walk and see some falls I definitely recommend checking this place out.

Great place for kids to get out an explore. The views are beautiful.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

nice! some steep stairs

Easy boardwalk path to a couple different beautiful waterfalls. The climb up the stairs at the end isn't worth it as the better view is at the bottom of the waterfall. Great for kids and inexperienced hikers.

I accidentally came in through the back of the park, technically 'off trail' because my GPS sent me to the wrong destination but I rather enjoyed the views increasing in beauty. Ending with the main water fall, which is absolutely breath taking, was perfect for me.

From the main entrance of the park, it is a very simple 'boardwalk' path which leads you directly to the main fall (where I spent half of my time soaking in the beauty). From there, you have the option of walking up stairs which winds you to the top of the falls; this part of the trail wasn't too bad and offered multiple resting/viewing areas.

I visited during the week in the spring (unsure of date) and the park was very much uncrowded.

Awesome place!

I absolutely adored this place, so we'll main yes by the national park service. Less than 2 miles out and back but you ca. Hike down either sides of the falls. Factory at the top was probably the most scenic fall to look at the middle falls, Fulmer, would likely be impressive but you're kept at a distance on the trails and there are obstructions. Some kids were swimming in this area and got scolded by a ranger. The bottom falls Deer Leap, seemed to allow swimming and it's a nice place to do so. Lots of stair throughout but a very scenic trail. I would definitely recommend.

Easy access is the best description here for this simple trail which is basically all boardwalk. Silverthread falls you are almost at instantly and it is a very unique waterfall being so tall and so thin. The remaining trek to Dingmans is less than a mile again mostly on boardwalk. Dingmans is very impressive in terms of size, flow and also unique with its angles drop at the bottom. If you want to add some elevation you have the option to take stairs up to the top of Dingmans it provides various vantage points and doesn't take too long, plus it helps get the heart rate up from a largely flat smooth trail. Another very busy place in the DWG parking fills up quick and you may have to loop around a couple times to get a space.

I've only started hiking recently and have not had an opportunity to visit very many trails, but so far Dingmans Falls is my favorite. The trail is easy and the boardwalk leading to the fall is wonderful. Hiked down to the creek as well and it was nice and easy. Very peaceful and lovely.

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