great hike, plenty of beautiful side trails with hidden waterfalls.

Perfect for short walk with family. Well maintained trail and stairs with several places to observe the falls and learn a little local history and ecology.

4 months ago

Great stop for a quick short hike. Only about 0.8 mile up and back on a boardwalk trail but the waterfalls are a great view. Signs state to not leave the trail but at the top of the waterfall there is a small climb up that reveals more trails to be explored

Very easy and short hike. The waterfalls were pretty close to the parking lot, so even grandma/grandpa could go check them out. There are several trails in the area, so we did 3 separate short hikes.

Nice, easy boardwalk trail.

The first waterfall is wheelchair and stroller accessible. We went when the leaves were changing and our photos could've been taken from calendars or postcards. Easy hike but if you really want to enjoy it you'll need extra time to soak in the views.

We only saw two other people the whole time we were there. Very secluded. Extra large waterfalls to climb around. Nice swimming holes as well. Not too strenuous but rocky at some parts. Took about an hour, maybe a little less.

Absolutely beautiful! Short but totally worth it. Once you step on the trail it's a ten min walk through what looks like a jungle. The trees canopy over the walkway and all you hear is birds chirping. There are two large waterfalls and you should definitely take the extra hike to climb all the way up to the top. There's a secret little spot right next to the top's swimming hole that is crystal clear and very deep! Breathtaking. Sat up there for about thirty mins just relaxing and enjoying the view.

Beautiful waterfalls! It hadn't rained in a while so water levels were low. Overall easy, and family-friendly trail on a raised boardwalk.

Nice very easy trail falls were nice

Very nice park and trail. Many photo opportunities for photographers.