This trail is terrific to bike or hike. It's paved most of the way with nice benches along the way to sit and cool off. There are side trails that are fun to explore, and the river is never far away. The beginning of the trail features a lot of large rocky out croppings, and some cool stone structure remains. It then takes u through historic Marietta which is a good spot to stop at a pub for a beer or at the county park to fill up your water bottles from the water fountains. I explored the white cliffs of Conoy which are at the far end of the trail. It was an interesting site, but a bit anti-climatic. Farther down, the trail becomes unpaved but is still navigable by bike. The unpaved portion will drop u off in Faulmouth. If you cross over the parking lot, there is a very unmarked, lightly treaded trail through the woods. If you take the trail to the second set of power lines and head towards the river you'll see some of the conewago potholes. You'll also cross over a pretty creek and the area is full of wildflowers this time of year. I loved every portion of this trail.