nice trails. fun Creek hikes.

Staying on the lower level of the gorge trail makes for an easy run.. take it up a notch by looping around to the left after the second suspension bridge and head up the hill! Killer leg workout!

Another Easy Run. I enjoy this part of the trail.

2 months ago

Nice trail. Very enjoyable and peaceful.

Nice little trail.

Nice secluded trail, you can take some off the trail paths to make it a little harder.

nice trail. a little difficult on the back end but it was great scenery!

Nice trail! very muddy with all the rain! Make sure to wear the right footwear- we saw people in flip flops and bare feet ankle deep in mud!!
When you get towards the end, the trail takes a turn to difficult when you try and climb down to the falls. It is basically a vertical drop. Impossible to navigate with children - we were bummed. But still a 5 star trail!


mountain biking
Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Mountain biking a little rough on this trail. More of hiking trail. Steps to the bridges made it a little tricky on the bike

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Just completed this today following a snow storm in 6-8 inches of snow. The first half along the creek was level and very pretty with all the snow and icicles along the gorge. After the second suspension bridge I made a left up the hill to complete the loop which in the snow was a little grueling but not bad. The view from the top of the gorge was well worth the climb although as other have mentioned it can be hard to find the trail. Once at the open field I was able to find red circular blazes just past a no motorized vehicles sign and found my way back to the car. The last hundred yards or so is a steep descent but even in the snow I got down it now problem. The entire loop as I did it is actually 4 miles not what's listed here. Surprisingly nice and scenic area for a county park, would recommend it to anyone.