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2 days ago

In August 2017 I found the trail to be grown over with mountain laurel and small trees.

27 days ago

Does this trail even exist? I drove to where the trailhead is supposed to be located, but there is a gate across the road and a sign that says "Private Property." To get to this location, you drive back a one lane gravel road. There are a couple designated parking areas and signs that say its's a state park, but I didn't see any trails. There are also several homes and trailers along the way. Not what I was expecting.

28 days ago

On 8/23/17 the trail was overgrown and not well marked. Take a machete.

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28 days ago

Fun trail with some rock gardens. Only 1.25 miles to where it intersects with Sweet Root trail.

28 days ago

1 month ago

Parked at the beginning of the Tower Road and crossed Aughwick to hit Lincoln Trail, then made a right onto Lockard, which was very clear and not rocky. There was a spring in the middle of Lockard where it meets Fore Trail. I took Fore right and climbed the ridge back to Aughwick Road and followed the road back to my car. Very rocky on Fore Trail

This trail is poorly marked and there were a few areas I had to guess my direction and had to backtrack. It's definitely not a boring walk. Lots of rocks and turns but it's kind of odd that it ends part way down the ridge. Great trail for getting in shape. There are some blueberries to be picked at a clearing when you cross the Tuscarora trail

2 months ago

This trail can be completed as a loop which totals 3 miles. From the parking lot, pass through the gate at the northeast end of the lot and turn right onto the Mid-State Trail. Follow this decent and cross over Rt 326 to the beginning of the Garlic Trail. At the top of this trail, turn right to follow an old logging road to Blankely Rd (gravel) and turn right. Hike a short distance to scenic vista then turn left and then right to join ATV trail. This section follows the ridge and ends up back at the parking lot. We loved this trail and would hike it again. We saw much wildlife including a wood turtle, an orange salamander, and a wild turkey hen with her six chicks.

Wide trail. Be on the lookout for rattlers!

A beautiful trail that follows a shallow stream with many rock step crossings.

10 months ago

I remember that fire tower when we did Trail we went up in it and you could look through the valley and see come and park in the distance that was our destination for the night

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Friday, March 25, 2016

Gorgeous trail that my sisters and I hike regularly. Never get tired of it. If you make the right at the top of the garlic trail, then follow the gravel road from the top it will take you to the lookouts that ive pictured!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Friday, July 10, 2015

Very beautiful in the beginning with rhododendrons over a stream. Then it opens to a wide uphill trail which will have nice views in the fall.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tower Road really is just that, a gravel road. The best intrinsic feature is the scenic overlook off the right side of the loop. However, Lincoln, Plank, Fore and Tuscarora Trails weave in and out---That's where the real action is! Plank is beautifully scenic. Tuscarora has challenging rocks and elevation changes. The fire road that runs parallel to the left of Tower Road connects with Tuscarora north to take you over the rocks and down to Richmond Road / Cowans Gap State park. Plenty of parking off Aughwick Road. Happy trails!