we did 4 different trails and went up around the back of the wave pool. it was a beautiful day and the trails good. One place on the orange trail had a tree down but it was negotiable. Sweet hike.

This is NOT a stroller friendly trail! omg someone wrote that and i had a hard time. me and my kids fell down a hill but a nice man helped us out. we didnt get hurt and had fun. nice trail though! i will go back with the baby carrier.

First timers. This was a fun trail. We had a great time.

Great trail! My dog loves it!!

this trail is Ment for mt. bikes

This is a good trail for me to take my kids on. You don't have to worry about getting lost (if you stay on the main trail) it is jogging stroller friendly AND it is easy.

We go here a lot and I have noticed these strange bees that will come in get in your face and just stare at you. They are super creepy and I am scared of bees to begin with. It has happened several times, so I haven't wanted to go back.

Also in my opinion, it isn't the most sscenic trail. The trees are pretty uggly and repetitive. I mainly go because its the safest trail for my kids

mountain biking
Wednesday, July 09, 2014