8 days ago

Great hike and very rocky in some spots! Be watchful for snakes! Beautiful view.

10 days ago

I really enjoyed this hike. I would rate it as moderate in most areas.. with a few spots spiking to medium. Watch your footing and pay attention as copperhead snakes are amongst you. We were lucky enough to see one (without it being a surprise). Beautiful snakes and I heard they typically aren’t a bother to hikers. People passing by on this hike were very helpful, which was refreshing. It’s tough getting to the top, but just follow the white blazes and you will be fine. Most importantly, enjoy the views and don’t get too close to the edge! The rock that says “Pulpit Rock” has a small step down area where you can climb onto the rock.. beware!! That’s where we saw the copperhead slithering through the cracks.

Best views in the area! Perfect hike.

22 days ago

Took the trail up and the road down. The road is much quicker than the trail. There’s a strange astrology site at the top

Great overall hike. Pretty intense rocky incline the first several miles to Pulpit. Pack snacks and fill your water bladders up! You will need it on this almost 10 mile hike. Trail was pretty wet and muddy today so the rocks were a bit slippery, so be mindful of footwear with ankle support. Saw some bear poop and heard a snake hiss, so beware. The trail is pretty heavily trafficked with people gathered at both lookouts, but we didn’t have any issues with crowds today. Totally worth the hike if you’re in for something more challenging and in to see some absolutely stunning views!

With “All Trails” it make it a lot easier to find and follow trails. So happy they have this!! This was my second hike on this trail. First effort, without “All Trails” I headed on the wrong trail, it didn’t seem right..Thankfully, shortly on the trail I ran into someone and asked them.. They new the trail I wanted, and turned me to the right direction.. If there’s a harder part of a trail, I prefer to do them first.. Like this one. It was very rocky and a nice incline.. A good workout.. The scenery of the woods with the ferns, trees, rocks, and wildflowers looked so beautiful..The two lookouts, Pulpit and Pinnacle have beautiful views of the valley.. It’s a great hike! It was a long hike, so give yourself time and keep hydrated.. Looking forward doing it again. If not during the summer, definitely in the fall!!

Nice hike! Most elevation gain is at the beginning, then the rest is pretty flat or slightly downhill. Followed the AllTrails trail, and went to Pulpit Rock first, then the Pinnacle. This is a cool time to hike it because there are quite a few thru-hikers around! I saw several, and talked to a few of them about their experiences hiking the Appalachian. Pretty good views at Pulpit Rock. Definitely quite a bit of muddy spots on the north side of the loop; I was happy to have waterproof hiking boots for those.

The most amazing views from the pulpit rock and pinnacle point.

Always a good hike live local and usually make it a point to do it once a year or so. Good elevation gain but be sure to take adequate water for yourself. 10 miles on a hot summer day and lounging up on those tocks overlooking that awesome view, ain’t no better view in the state.

1 month ago

Beautiful vista, definitely will get the heart rate going on the way up. I recommend combining it to Pinnacle for a loop. Oh, and be prepared for lots of rocks.

Great hike for the more experienced hikers! Quite rocky and several spots with steep inclines! Gorgeous view once you get to the top! Watch out for snakes! Enjoy but be careful!

1 month ago

Great trail to start my hiking season. Good moderate to difficult trail in some spots. Quite rocky and steep if your into that kind of hike. Pulpit is the "half way" point on your way up to Pinnacle Peak...great place to stop and have some lunch before continuing on. Watch out for snakes!! Didn't see any this past weekend, however we saw quite a few last season! Enjoy but be careful!

Awesome trail. Great if your looking for a long hike! Thankfully we started early, got very crowded as we made our way back to the bottom.

2 months ago

I am used to hiking the NY Adirondack mountains. This was not as challenging but nice start to my hiking year. Nice views. We opted to help me up the gravel road and down the white blaze trail back. I would do this route again to avoid the pounding pavement on my knees on the way down or I would go up and down the same path through the white blazes. Great hike for dogs as not alot of challenging obstacles. Would be a great hike for younger kids as well.

2 months ago

Very excellent hike. Going to the right on the way up was the way to go. Definitely check out the spillway on the way down. It's to the right, and a little off the trail, but worth the jaunt. I loved that there was still snow on the ground and you could see through the trees. It is about an hour drive from where I live, and I love to drive, so it was the perfect trip. I will definitely be going back to check out the colors of Autumn.

this makes for a day of outdoor fun and a stop to Cabelas! Very rocky but very beautiful views. I always find that rhere are too many people at the view but atleast it is big enough. Cool to watch birds from here or see the foliage. Watch out for snakes!!

2 months ago

love this hike but watch out for snakes. I always see atleast one while at the view!!!

Great trail, very challenging at times, watch out for the rattle snakes

Great views, snow was fun and ended up getting socked with rain but still had fun with dog. took us 3.5 hours

Amazing views.. heard a bear growl after pulpit rock which was scary.. long hike but well worth it.

Great view at the Pinnacle. Well worth the hike and some real neat ice formations tumbling down the stream from the reservoir at the end. Didn't see a whole lot of wildlife but given the weather conditions and the terrain my head was down most of the time.

5 months ago

Moderate Trail, quick 1-3 hour afternoon trip. I've done it now about 7 times, and the less people the better. Go in the fall or early spring for less people.

Great views! Make sure to do the loop, it’s well worth it. Take a stroll down to blue rocks. It’s a little out of the way but you won’t be disappointed.

Great loop. Definitely take the way up through Pulpit Rock.

started up furnace creek trail at 7am and didn't see anyone until pinnacle overlook. crowded trail on the way down. great views. well marked.

Awesome hike but our loop was only 8.4 miles and it was winter. Incredible views and a good workout on the AT Check out my full write up which includes directions and other things to look out for.


Challenging with a variety of terrains

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