The 3,002-acre Beltzville State Park is in the southern foothills of the Poconos. Pohopoco Creek, an excellent trout stream, feeds the 949-acre Beltzville Lake, which is a rest stop for migrating waterfowl and is a destination for boaters and anglers. The sand beach and picnic pavilions are very popular. Recreational facilities are a result of a cooperative effort of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources-Bureau of State Parks and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Thanks to the directions in the previous reviews I was able to find this trail and go right to the falls. It's a nice hiking area. Bring orange during hunting season. Nice waterfall and trail along creek.

on Preachers Camp Trail

1 month ago

Loved this. Beautiful scenery and a water fall!

Signage to the entrance to the trails are terrible. Signs are very small . If you plan to hike the Christman/Falls/Cove Ridge just be aware that the entrances to the trails are about 3 miles before the beach entrance. Look for the sign on the left side of the road if you are driving towards the lake/beach area. a nice hike if you take the white trail. Look for the "Wild Creek Trail" sign. Once there, you will see a white/blue trail and a yellow trail. The yellow trail is s shorter trail the loops and is away from the falls. If you go towards the white/blue trail, it will lead you to the falls. The blue trail is the trail that will take you directly to the fall and back, probably little over a mile to and from the falls. After you look at the falls and follow the white trail, this trail will take you down the edge of the lake in a big loop. The lake is somewhat visible, but mostly tree covered and cannot get too close to the edge. Some areas are steep and slippery due to layers of pine needles and leaves. The trails are not beautiful and does not have breathtaking vistas, but it's a very nice peaceful hiking trail. The white trail is a little over 4 miles.

The Christman Trail head is down the road a little further past the Wild Creek trail head. If you want to see the falls use the wild creek and follow the blue/white trail. I took the Christman trail and realized that to see the falls I had to use the blue trail and loop back around to the orange to complete it. The falls are beautiful and a great place to sit for a while and soak up nature. This was a pretty good place to go, if your looking for a nice walk the complete yellow trail is nice...more adventure do the blue or white. It's hard there are no trail maps here nor did I really find any on line, but the trails are very well marked.

lovely walk, nothing dramatic, but handsome hemlocks, nice tree-framed lake views, thousands of mushrooms of all shapes and colors when we did this yesterday. Clear blazes on trail.

I love this trail. It's the perfect hike. I've hiked the blue and yellow blazes. These trails loop back around so you don't have to back track. For parts of it, you are in the woods and other parts of the trail is wider and more of a grassy path (still in the woods, but a much more open area). There is a beautiful area where water pours down some rocks into a pool of water and creek on the blue blaze and on the yellow blaze you get a view of the lake through the trees.

The trail was wonderful, very natural and rustic. The waterfall was relaxing and peaceful. The only negative, being a need distinguishing between the blue and white trails at their intersection.

Great hike with our two dogs; not hard at all but had some good elevation changes near the falls. Easy to find and navigate. Only trail that was hard to find was the one along the water after the bridge (when you make a right). Could have just been overgrown. Nicely shaded too.

Great Hike. Just enough distance and difficulty for
A midday break as we travel across PA. Lots of different options ..paths you can take. There was pine forests and sunny paths along wild flower fields. Lots of wild raspberries too. Really enjoyed water fall and lake. If you don't know what poison Ivy looks like, learn before you go or stay on the middle of path.

PS Does anyone else see a turtle crawling out from under the falls.

5 months ago

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