Such a beautiful trail! The water areas are so nice!

A great place for an easy short hike or some great fishing. great place to spend an afternoon.

Great trail! Very peaceful!

Good simple trail..I stayed along the Tobyhanna Creek..great fishing spot with a breath taking wide little water fall into a area for fishing.
3 trails loop together back trail isn't worth the walk through.

A lovely place well marked trails initially but if you follow red along the Creek trail to the end it does get confusing to come back up highlands (blue) trail. Beautiful flowers, rocks and waterflows and the waterfall itself is very nice. Good for all ages and abilities.

Beautiful first time experience

Not the best trail I've been on, overgrown, most parts of the trail are only a person wide and easy to get off the trail. Hiking boots are recommended as this trail is a bit overgrown and rattlesnakes are known to be in the blakeslee area. The waterfall is nice, but if you are looking for a big waterfall with a lot of other smaller ones near by this trail is not for you. This was more of a marshy/swampy area. Decent trail in the forest closer to the end but other than that kinda boring. There is many places to sit down on this trail if you wish.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Fantastic weather near the stream.

Nice, easy trail with pleasant vistas

Amazing trails, beautiful scenery! Whole family loved it!

Very pretty hike!! Highly recommend this area, but don't go there after heavy rainfall as it is very swampy.

Very easy and fun trail. Took my 2 & 1/2 year old and her 4 year old cousin with me. Went at the end of December, so we didn't see any animals but plenty of people and dogs walking the trail. The girls were really good and walked the entire time with some falls but they are very tough. Only walked half way to the water fall but that was a perfect time to go back before the girls got to cold. Very cool areas with tall trees and Spots by the water to take nice pictures. I recommend it if you are looking for something easy and fun. Very beautiful and I will be going again when it gets warmer and the plants start to grow.

Thirty dollars to download a map? Won't be coming back to this website.

great Trail, very scenic, recommended

Went with 5 year old and 6 year old ... Perfect length and not too many obstacles for the kids.

Great easy trail.

Was a very nice hike

Took my year old in a carrier. Nice little family outing

nice relaxing trail. lots of benches along the way to stop and soak in the moment. red trail follows along water while the others take you more through the woods.

First visit.Great easy hike with kids (and dog). I can't wait to visit again in summer. Kids liked jumping from rock to rock by the stream.

Nice place. Will be back at spring time

Easy and nice enough

Did some hiking here after a few days of rain... As long as you don't mind getting muddy you should be good to go. Also pay attention I'm pretty sure there are 2 red trails... An older one and a newer one... The older one has lots of tall grass and isn't very well kept... Tall grass=snakes.... I didn't see any but was waiting for it. I did some off trail too just a little bit to make things exciting. I wouldn't go out of my way to go here however it was closer than hawk mountain so I'll take it. Not bad, but after being spooled by Glen onoko and Ricketts Glen and the DE water gap I guess my standards have changed.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Good for a quick walk with the dogs (first section of trail to the creek's little waterfall/rapids area).

Easy and well marked trails. Newer benches and picnic tables are a plus. Creek trail is scenic.

Great for family with younger kids! Hike to the waterfall

Great experience !

Brought my 11 yr old and 5 yr old boys here. It was fantastic. Easy enough to hike with small children, fantastic scenery, you can get right close to the water and there are so many photo opportunities. The first trail kind of stems off into others....I'd suggest sticking to following the water if you have children as the other trails do tend to be a little higher. AWESOME HIKING EXPERIENCE. The kids cant wait to go back!

I did some hiking there this weekend with the family and friends. Wear good hiking shoes. Very slippery rocks. It was a beautiful sight.

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