15 hours ago

I headed into the woods on Friday afternoon and noticed the silver blazes marking the trail. The trail is marked well enough for most of the way with only a couple tricky parts. Some of the turns can easily be skipped with the blazes (some having arrows pointing to turn) being a little on the smaller side. The trail itself is fairly easy with nothing too difficult. Elevation changes are frequent and but again, nothing too steep or difficult.

I went counterclockwise and skipped the Morrison Trail; only doing the Rimrock Trail Loop. I spread the trip over 3 days and 2 nights taking my leisurely time as I hiked. It was cold and wet the weekend I went where it rained all night both nights and the 2nd night it got down into the upper 20's. First night, I only hiked about 3 miles and set up camp just off the trail where an established fire ring sat. The 2nd night I stayed at the Morrison Campground. There are many campsites available there at the campground all complete with fire rings and picnic tables. Sunday morning, I woke up and finished the trail.

I would definitely recommend this trail to any hiker with any amount of experience or lack there of. It's a nice little trail with plenty of campsites to offer and lots of water and streams. There wasn't anything crazy as far as views either, but it was still very beautiful just being out in the woods.