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Alltrails location was vague. Could not find the start point. Some rough roads approaching from west, slightly better approaching from east via Marienville.

Got a map from Marienville Ranger Station. Going west, if you've reached forest road 180B, you've gone too far. No marker, only a parking lot big enough for about 3 cars on the north side of the road. We parked too early; the ranger map said 1.1miles after the turn off of 128, we parked west of the Google maps marker, and should've gone half a mile further. Had to walk a half mile west through brush, haha. We found the falls and came back on the correct trail.

Don't make our mistake and it's a cool falls after an easy hike.

There are no markings, but from the parking lot is a very obvious dirt trail down that should take no skills to find at all.

Just under 7 miles, overall elevation change about 390ft. Considering the rain we had this summer the trails are in great shape. One creek crossing, you may get your feet wet ( bridge out ) but thats it. A nice feature of this trial is a massive view upon a large rock of ANF. North loop or middle loop will take you to the vista(both lefts off the trail head depending which you choose). Butterfly hatch was going on. Saw a few small snakes and tried to fish but only caught chubs. Busy trail, running into 6-8 groups one being rather large. Go on a weekday if you want privacy. Several large campsites along minister on the north loop side.( if you're looking at a standard map it's the left side of the loop). The trail is easier to follow in the summer than fall and winter, keep in mind where minister creek is and since you know the stream flows toward the parking lot, you really can't get lost. Fun and easy trail.
Please act like decent animals and clean up after yourselves

5 days ago

My wife and 3 children (11, 6 & 5 years old) completed the North loop. There are great views every 1.5 miles or so to keep everyone engaged when hiking over two Allegheny elevations meeting up with the North Country Trail. I was blown away by the amazing campsites at the double bridges on the map. Great people on the trail. The only time we got turned around a bit was where a bridge washed out and the trail markers seemed to go in two different directions right around the camp sites and trail merge. Besides some blown down trees here and there across the trail it was a great time and family friendly. We will be back again!

trail running
7 days ago

We did 8 new miles of trail running. Beautiful views.

13 days ago

20 days ago

We did this loop in two days so we could enjoy some creekside camping for the night. Overall nice hiking/backpacking. As others have mentioned there are a few spots where staying on trail can be tricky. My girlfriend hiked this trail previously so we did not get turned around. In fact, she was able to help multiple hikers that ended up in our camp who were not sure which way to go. The creekside campsite was nice. I wouldn't hesitate to return to this trail in the future for a quick weekend getaway.

20 days ago

This is a beautifully maintained trail with a great payoff view at the top. Enough of a climb to make you feel like you got your exercise, but accessible enough to ask any able-bodied friends to come along. Trailhead is at the top of the parking area, which has restrooms. Highly recommend.

As a trail it isn't clear where it leads, but it's fun to explore around the rocks and the water. A family with preschool children was having a lovely jaunt and picnic around the bottom of the falls when we checked it out. Brochure says .4 mi of trails, which is about how high I climbed, so I don't know where the 2.9 miles come from.

My wife and I are day hikers, so we did this section on two separate weekends. Sep. 24th and 25th, Oct. 15th and 16th. We stayed at the Kane Manor for our overnight which is a B&B. Excellent place to stay, and re-live a little history if your into that.

Our goal for 2016 was to hike the entire NCT through PA and find as many geocaches as we could along the way. This particular area we found 45 caches on the trail. Speed was not important to us, but just enjoying the trail was. We did see a bear, right at the Route 59 crossing.

The trail was in excellent shape for this time of the year and very beautiful in many spots especially in October with the leaves changing color.

First of all I'd like to thank the previous users on this trail who mentioned the stinging nettle. My wife and I usually hike wearing shorts, and if we did not have our zip on legs for our hiking pants, we would have been miserable on this hike. The south end of the loop is literally covered in stinging nettle with some of it 5-6 feet tall. After crossing Jack's Run you're good to go with the shorts. We met a group of 8-10 backpackers who were out there for a three day trip maintaining the trail. Since this is a wilderness area, no power tools allowed. They were cutting through the many trees on the trail with axes. It is dedicated souls like this who make hiking and backpacking possible for the rest of us. We thanked them for volunteering. The large blow down of trees north of Jacks Run, now has a new re-route to the down hill side of it. This is a beautiful area and we were able to do the entire trail in less the seven hours.

Hiked this past February in the deep snow. It was a nice hike! Slippery at times in the snow going down some of the larger hills. Anxious to try it in the summer months

24 days ago