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Just did an overnight backpacking trip here with my wife and another couple. Absolute blast! Campsites are very nice and the trails are fun. The geology is awesome and the overlook is beautiful.

This was one of my favorite hikes in this area. Along the trail you'll cross creeks and hike through open areas in the woods and see stunning overlooks. We drove down from Warren area where we camped and wasn't sure if it would be worth the 40 min drive but it really was! Would do it again and recommend it.

18 days ago

Enjoyable trail. There are a couple of places where the blazes aren't completely clear-- we were able to stay on track, but encountered two different groups that had lost the trail and were looping back in. It was fairly busy the day we went, with lots of day hikers and backpackers. Parts were quite muddy and slippery.

Lots of fun on a two day overnight with my wife. Easy hike with only gradual inclines and declines. Lots of downed trees to transverse and impressive ax work by dedicated volunteers. Traveled south on the loop with plenty of nettles so wear ur pants on this section. Nice camping spots at Coons with established fire rings and good rocks for sitting and cooking. not many people on a raining weekend, but a few day hiking groups. Lost the trail for a min. at coons as it crosses the creek to the right, no big deal. Camped at Jacks Run, plenty of great sights here and plenty of water. As u head north from Jacks you will encounter a mass of downed trees that require some navigation and bushwhacking to get around. Lost about 20 minutes locating the trail again. Not a lot of wildlife; deer, frogs, birds in the AM.

as many other reviewer point out only the first 1/2mile is obvious; beyond that the valley can be climbed.... but beware as in the heights above there are Mountain Laurel patches.

Did half the loop and found a nice camp, existing fire ring, some spots for water, but definitely bring your own. Did the other half loop the next morning, went off trail a bit in the halfway corner and ended up on a game trail before backtracking. Quiet, some good forest covered with a canopy of large trees. No bear, some coyote scat, some newts, lots of singing birds in the morning. Enjoyed this trail and thankful for the folks that maintain it. Pretty impressive seeing the ax cuts from some hard work back there. Definitely recommend pants for this trail.

24 days ago

Very nice hike out in the middle of nowhere, you follow a small stream most of the way. Some spots of the trail are overgrown but not too bad and you can easily find the trail the whole time, it's marked with silver/gray diamonds and signs at forks connecting to other trails/loops. If you want a longer loop, take the Rimrock extension.

24 days ago

Easy trail to walk down, pretty cool checking out the creek around the rocks. Falls themselves are pretty small unless after a big rain.

Glad we read the reviews ahead of time, we did follow the directions from all trails, but we're glad someone said that 180b is too far down the road. When we got there we realized we needed to turn around, and it was the last turn off before 180b. The trail looks like an deer path from the small parking area, but it's much more defined once you get past the grass.

It was easy to follow, though definitely of moderate difficulty with the steep incline on your way back. It was shorter than all trails lists it as, more like 1 or 1.5 miles round trip. Beautiful waterfall in spite of the dry weather we've had, definitely worth the hike. We took our two dogs along as well and they had a great time. Very secluded trail, and we saw no other hikers.

It was a little difficult to find, but we did get to the right trail! On the road coming up, there will be two gated entrances nearby each other, one on the south side of the road and the other on the north side. The trail to Hector Falls is on the south side, and has more room to park. No signs for it, although there will be a sign welcoming foot traffic

The trail was well maintained and easy to walk, although it was more work going back up! The waterfall itself wasn't very big due to recent dry weather, but I'm sure it would be bigger after a good rain or in the spring. Loved how secluded it was, we didn't see any cars on the road and no other hikers on the trail. We took our two dogs as well and they had a great time, too! As another reviewer mentioned, about halfway down the trail there is a fork in the road, take the trail to the left to reach the falls.