Agan Park

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I'm not sure where to start on this? We followed our GPS and parked by the VFW. We followed a couple up what we thought was the trailhead. From there we ended up at the Rachel Carson House about a half mile after getting slightly lost. From there we asked several people how to get to the Rachel Carson Trail and no one knew. So after walking about an hour through the streets of Springdale we found our way back to our car. And then there we decided to head the opposite direction by foot, and finally found what looked like a trailhead. There were no signs, no designation.
So this was actually the trail, about an 1/8 of a mile past the VFW. The trail itself was subpar at best. We hiked 3 miles and most of it was on a 4 wheel drive/pipeline trail. There was one decent view of the river at the top about 30 minutes in, and that was the highlight! After roughly 3 miles the path led us to a major road. We walked it for nearly a quarter of a mile, with no berm, as the cars sped by. Again we thought we were lost, but after seeing hikers going both ways and the trail still marked on the highway, we realized we weren't! We decided to turn around before we were run over. This might be the worst hiking experience we've ever had and I'm surprised this trail is even listed on any site!We'd never go back!