South of Yachats, the road makes a one-mile loop, exposing one of the most scenic viewpoints on the coast: the Yachats Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Park along the loop and enjoy access to the beach, tidepools, blowholes, summer sunsets and whale watching.

The best beach walk on the Oregon Coast.

6 months ago

My wife and I walked that trail ( about 2 miles), starting at the Overleaf Lodge where we stayed. We first went North to NW Salmon St for a short stroll on the beach (it was drizzling and a bit cold) and then to the Southern end on Aqua Vista Loop. Be considerate of the private properties on the Southern Side as the trail goes through them. The trail is flat and hugs the coastline all the way with may spurs to access the rocky areas or the beach past NW Salmon St. A very nice early morning or late evening stroll (not that walking the trail during the day would be much less appealing :-) ). This is part of what spending some time on the coast is all about: enjoying the Oceanside in all types of weathers.

on Yachats 804 Trail

8 months ago

Great for a early morning walk to start your day.


1 year ago

If you go to Yachats, Oregon Coast, this is an absolute MUST!!! The little trail starts at Smelt Sands State Park and meanders along the coast and rocky shores, which is very lovely, beautiful and depending on the time of day, quite spectacular..... Especially at sunset. After that, you can walk for 6 miles along the sandy beach and find sand dollars, and all sorts of treasures on the beach..... Do the beach walk early morning on a low tide! If you are there on a high tide go North a bit, and enjoy spectacular waves crashing onto the rocks, towering sprays up to 40 feet high.
I love this little trail, and I hope you will enjoy it also. Remember to leave only footprints, and only take pictures !!

I love this trail. It is flat all the way. We spent more time making our way along the shoreline then we actually spent right on the trail. The kids found plenty of star fish, there is a small arch if you look closely and a few benches along the way.

5 years ago

Awesome hike along crashing waves. Very easy/short hike for the incredible views.