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Excellent trail so close to cabins

This use to be one of my favorite hikes. The 2017 fire turned the trail into a moonscape from the trail head to Heavenly Twins Lake. I went in October and the trail was in fair condition. Watch your step because I fell through in two spots where I think a root burned under the trail. Because I use to love that trail. I found it to be a depressing hike.

18 days ago

‘‘This trail is a bit challenging to stay on especially near the top. Awesome day hike! Took about 11 hours but I stayed at the top a while.

28 days ago

beautiful this time of year, lots of snow, clear trail.

Love going here just make sure you go during the right time of year especially if you are camping the mosquitos are every where during certain times

Difficult hike, but worth the view! Pack extra water, I ran out the first time I hiked it. Start off early in the morning, it's gonna take most of the day. 4000+ elevation change. Stick to the ridge on the way down, otherwise you might lose the trail down.

3 months ago

This isn’t a trail. It involves driving to the saddle between Aspen Butte and Little Aspen Butte. Then it’s a matter of bushwhacking up the side of Aspen Butte. Last time I took this hike the woods were full of down trees, so there was a lot of zig-zagging on the way. There are also boulder fields to consider. The view from the top is spectacular.
Get the details at https://explore.globalcreations.com/places/usa/climbing-aspen-butte/

3 months ago

This was a beautiful walk and the lake was well worth it. There are some small ponds on the way which are beautiful in their own way as well.

Couldn't find the trail. Went via Clover Creek TH as summit post.org suggested. The trail was snowy and muddy so lost it before reaching Aspen Butte trail I guess. Not well marked at all. Clover Creek itself was pretty. Not much for views, not sure I'd do it again.

on Mount McLoughlin Trail

4 months ago

Hard but worth it. Very windy Oct 7.

Very pleasant hike through a pine forest. Very clean, easy-to-follow trail, even after an inch or two of fresh snow. Flat from trailhead to Varney creek crossing (~1.2 m), then a very gradual, evenly-graded incline towards the loop - never steep. Walked to the loop and back in 3.5 h, including breaks. Our GPS agreed with the posted mileage of 4.5 m to the loop (not 4.26). Past outdated reviews note trees on trail; the trail is now completely clean.

4 months ago

Such a fun, rewarding hike. I was worried about finding the trail, but the white dots made it suele easy to follow. It was super windy at the top and I'm glad I brought my wind breaker!

Had the trail to myself hiking to Lake Harriette yesterday. Beautiful scenery, and I’d call it a mildly moderate trail. I was able to hike the 5.8 miles to the lake in just over an hour and a half. Such a peaceful place, and I got to have a one and one with a bald eagle! I’ll definitely be returning.

i like this hike and have done it a handful of times. cold weather came early this year. we camped at Como but woke up to spitting snow and fog. pretty fall foilage, quiet, clean trail.

Beautiful. Very difficult to get to the top. Worth it.

4 months ago

Such a pretty trail! Not another single person around which made for a lovely hike.

Amazing trail with wildlife! It's was raining and the winds were soft! Definitely recommend!

Went to Harriett lake , beautiful scenery , peaceful 9/15/17-9/17/17

5 months ago

Great hike. Visibility around 20 miles only but still worth it. First time up there on a Saturday and i was able to still get a half hour at top alone. Cold today but also was refreshing. Well at thought it was cold. There must of been 10 people in spandex pants, running shoes and tank tops. i'm apparently a woos. The ridge trail is really well marked with little white dots. Thanks to who ever did that no matter how many times I thought they were just bird poop. Great Hike. Ended a great week of hikes.

Was a great day. Plus it was so nice to get above the smoke. Boys did great but were very tired once we got back to the car.

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