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can hear the creek for most of the hike. July hike and snow started about 4 miles in. would not rate moderate, rather gentle incline. More of Easy trail. lake is spectacular. will hike again.

Agree with reviewer below. This is not a 7.6 mile trek. The trailhead sign shows it as an over 11 mile round trip. Hit the summit the day before Memorial Day. Snow almost the entire way. Slush after 10 AM. Summited around 2pm so it was a long hike back down. Guess I should not have left those snowshoes in the car. Trail disappears at times in the snow on the lower slopes, but a spectacular day overall. I counted 11 hikers / skiiers that day. Buggy at the bottom. Multiple small avalanches in the bowl. Stay on the ridge and it should be a good day.

Snow for a good portion of the route. Take NF-3661 to get closet to the trailhead.

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never again!

4 months ago

in August the lake is teeming with frogs. my kids loved it so much. even though the hike is difficult for kids it's not too much. there were quite a few downed trees though.

7 months ago

Forgot to mention, sunset in Klamath Falls, 39 miles away, was set for about 4:48 pm...the trail was getting dark at 3:30 pm. I ended up jogging the last 20 or so minutes.

7 months ago

Fantastic hike for it being November...snow at the top, but not bad yet. Windy and cold though.

Landscape was a little thick for my taste, but the lakes were beautiful. The best part was seeing a bald eagle fly over about a half mile in.

8 months ago

I love hiking around Lake of the Woods and getting out of the lake.

8 months ago