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Beautiful walk through the dense forests with the lake on one side. Make sure to bring your change of clothes so you can jump into the lake :) The trail goes through the resort area and very close to recreational areas so it isn't very secluded, but a worthwhile hike nonetheless.

1 day ago

took us 12 hours to walk the 10.9 miles. made it to the top!! very smokey today.

Awesome hike- was definitely an 11 mile hike like the map suggests not 8 miles like this app. Plan for an all day trip, take lots water (my husband and I each has a camel pack plus a small water bottle each and we drank it) take snacks and lunch too! We did not have any bugs :) way up was a steep incline especially towards the top. Lots of loose rock! The end was totally worth it! On the way down the loose gravel made it seem harder than it probably is. We also lost the trail for a bit, but headed east like the map suggests. I suggest wearing shoes that have good traction- the way down was harder because of my shoes. Well worth the day trip!

I'm used to climbing mountains with steep ascents but throw in the terrain and difficult to follow route on this mountain and it turns out not to be as much fun as you'd hoped! The sign at the start says the hike is 11miles but I think it's probably closer to 9miles. The views are beautiful although there was smoke and some clouds effecting our views. Parking at the trailhead is $5. My hiking partner hated this walk and would give it zero stars!!!

8 days ago

Great trail, a couple of tree's on the trial. But easy to go around. The lake was beautiful.

Good loop with lots of beautiful lakes. The trail that connects Blue Lake Basin back over to Meadow Lakes area is not well maintained. A lot of over, under, and around fallen trees. It really slowed our pace and it was during the major elevation change which is difficult anyway.

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10 days ago

Amazing hike very hard Up and back take lots of water and snacks make sure you take tracking polls

Great hike, a little sketchy towards top with loose rock and soft terrain- but take it slowly and you will be fine. My legs never hurt so much at the end, but no pain no gain. Don't forget to sit in the cool creek near trailhead to soak those aching muscles. Trail is well marked with white dots near top so as not to get confused about which direction to head.

19 days ago

It was an awesome adventure and views from the top are amazing! The people we met on the trail were very helpful and encouraging. Definitely bring plenty of water. A lady from Ashland, OR was on the trail and was kind enough to give me her extra water bottle! If she is reading this....THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Very well maintained with nice views of Mt. McLoughlin.

Better be in good shape and carry more water than you think