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3 months ago

in August the lake is teeming with frogs. my kids loved it so much. even though the hike is difficult for kids it's not too much. there were quite a few downed trees though.

6 months ago

Forgot to mention, sunset in Klamath Falls, 39 miles away, was set for about 4:48 pm...the trail was getting dark at 3:30 pm. I ended up jogging the last 20 or so minutes.

6 months ago

Fantastic hike for it being November...snow at the top, but not bad yet. Windy and cold though.

Landscape was a little thick for my taste, but the lakes were beautiful. The best part was seeing a bald eagle fly over about a half mile in.

7 months ago

I love hiking around Lake of the Woods and getting out of the lake.

7 months ago

Mod- hard trail! I felt like getting there to both lake was the hardest! Total 12 miles in and out trail! Rainy day! And snow on the trail! It was still an awesome hike!

took this train in early- mid September and only a few other hikers on the trail. we had Lake Harriette to ourselves and it was completely beautiful! Lake Como was an amazing turquoise!
the uphill all the way to Harriette is an awesome workout. will definitely do this trail again. just about 8 downed trees to climb over or go around...pretty clear.

I am not sure how the trail description comes up with 7.6 miles round trip; from the trail-head on NFR 365 to the summit and back is a bit under 10 miles.

Still, with about 3900 feet of elevation gain and a summit a tad under 10K feet, this is a nice work-out. I won't comment about the views: I could only see due East as the rest was under a see of clouds which, of course, is another to enjoy and experience a summit.

McLoughlin did not feel like a very hard summit to reach (even for these 60 years old legs) this could be due to the fact that the approach is rather short (about 3 miles) and the climb is half under the treeline, which means that the summit is not that far away when it is finally visible. The amount of scree is also significantly under what one has to go through when climbing South Sister or even Diamond Peak.

Rather than the scree, what made the hike harder for me was the fact that most of the last 2 miles is a very rocky path; very demanding and unforgiving on ankles and hips.

Nevertheless a very beautiful mountain to climb and one that I will remember every time I drive I5 near Medford (it is superbly visible from the highway, driving South, on a clear day).