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Still heavy patches of snow 5 miles in. We probably could have mushed through it to the top but the snow and thunderstorms moving in got us to turn around.

21 hours ago

Lots to explore on this hike. This is one of my favorites.

I'm so glad the potholes have been fixed!

Lots of people at blue pool but it's gorgeous!

22 hours ago

One of my favorites! Very packed on weekends because it's so popular. Love cooling off in the water next to the waterfall at Jawbone or at the natural rock water slide on hot summer days.

This place was really worth watching. The trail to the BLUE POOL has many sceneric views. We were taking photographs all the way, enjoying the weather, and and when we reached BLUE POOL, it was the climax. I have never seen a river in blue color. Had a very good experience here with my friends.

Hiked this trail on Saturday 5/16/18. Interesting contrasts: the first and last 1/3 of the trail showcase the forest recovery from the 2011 fire. The middle 1/3 is lush and beautiful and feels very peaceful and secluded. The last portion goes along Big Lake for a while. Apparently the mosquitos hatched 5 days before we got there, so that was pretty intense anytime we were near any of the lakes! Bring spray :) Lots of fallen trees still from winter. Boat and ATV noise when starting and ending the trail. Very nice overall though!

Start early. There are a ton of people on this trail. Also it is more like a road than a trail. It was something fun to check out, but I doubt I will do this hike again.

This hike was absolutely stunning! Though I don’t feel the description here is accurate.
1) Unless I had older kids that were experienced hikers, I would not take them on this trail. There are good portions of the trail that is narrow with steep drop offs.
2) Both my fitness tracker and my husbands told us we’d walked 3.8 miles (connected to gps)

Neither of these things were an issue for us, but as a parents (who luckily didn’t have our kids with us) we commented several times on how we would not want to take our kids on the loop.

Overall it is an amazingly beautiful hike! I hope to do it again some day!

One of my favorite places. A must see and explore!

Excellent hike. Trail in good shape with only a few minor downed trees in the first two miles. An abundant variety of wildflowers on display. Good view of Cascade peaks along the trail. From on top we could see from Hood to the Sisters. Be sure to look across to nearby Coffin Mountain and note the manned fire lookout.

3 days ago

A nice, short little hike! I went counter-clockwise and found that the trail to the left of the parking area is much less rocky. Heads up - the little bridge before the upper falls is missing a plank. Unfortunately, I didn't get the postcard perfect shot of the falls - I couldn't figure out where the scramble was! I'll have to try another time.

Absolutely beautiful!!

Really cool hike, with epic views. Bring your bug stuff, mosquitos were really bad. Still patches of snow up top (6/17/18) that obscure the trail, but only for a few hundred feet. Dozens of trees blocking the trail make for some good exercise! Try not to beat your own trail at these spots.

All clear, some snow/slush puddles on the trail that are easily traversed. The trail down to the cave is pretty loose and involved a lot of ash and charred soil, but doable.

The diamond creek loop was fantastic! We took the extra short hike down to the base of Salt Creek- well worth it!
The out and back portion takes you to fall creek falls (and continues on 2 miles that to Vivian Lake, which we did not do). The last approx. 3/4 mile to Fall Creek falls is pretty steep and filled with mosquitoes. While I appreciated the workout, the waterfall itself didn’t make the climb and the 20+ mosquito bites worth it. The view left a lot to be desired. Unless you want the extra workout and brought your bug spray, I’d skip this portion and stick with the loop. The loop trail does not disappoint!

Beautiful trail along the river. Very busy trail including bikers. Bonus was the Tamolitch falls was flowing and it was beautiful!

4 days ago

Just an awesome hike. Great views and wildflowers on the way up, and even more stunning views at the top!

4 days ago

The Good:
Definitely a trail for wildflowers but offers plenty of variety in scenery as you move between the forest and meadows. Not terribly strenuous at all but an easy going and very enjoyable hike.

We did have a few friendly encounters with mountain bikes, overall bike traffic was minimal. We encountered a few muddy sections of the trail but nothing serious.

Getting there:
The last 6+ miles of the drive are a constant climb up a single-lane, gravel road with several turn outs. Not at all difficult as long as you slow down and enjoy the surroundings. We had no problem getting there in a minivan.

beautiful hike. water is near trail and you can feel the spray at times.

5 days ago

Oh boy I thought this was a moderate hike LOL as a beginning hiker It took about two hours to get to the top. It keep inclining. Great hike I was just glad I made it to the top.

The hike that follows this map actually starts at Trail Bridge Blue Pool trailhead and ends somewhere around Cold Water Cove on Clear Lake (I believe), so its going the opposite way from Belknap. I ran/hiked it yesterday! Luckily I knew going in.

6 days ago

Great hike!!! Amazing view. You can see Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Three Finger Jack, Mt. Washington and Three Sisters. A lot of fun.

Easy hike and very rewarding.

Nice trail and breathtaking views!

7 days ago

Great afternoon hike. Went mid day and passed many people obviously leaving from overnight backpacking trips. The lake is wonderful and would recommend.

on Square Lake

8 days ago

Great 2-night trip to the lake (Mon-Wed). Plenty of mosquitoes. Saw fish jumping and got one bite but no success. During our 40 hours saw just two people hike past from Round Lake. No snow in sight except up far past Booth Lake on the hill in front of Three Fingered Jack to the North. Hiked around the lake clockwise. There's a trail of sorts from where the maintained trail to Round lake departs all the way to the peninsula on the East side but not beyond. The 2003 burn left tons of standing, dead, bleached white, barkless trees, making it easier to see but strangely eery

Wow! This trail was a bit rough! Lots of rocks and roots to keep it interesting with some intense elevation gain. We started at the lower end hiked to Shady Cove camp ground and walked the road back.

trail running
9 days ago

what an awesome hike! went all the way to Eagles Rest. Fantastic view.

The views are incredible.. switch backs aren't for the faint heart... one of my favs..

Great waterfalls with an amazing hike through the forest. Didn’t want to blink.

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