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Did this hike today and it was awesome. Worth the drive from Bend. We went on past Fall Creek Falls up to Vivian Lake. We were early enough that we had the whole Lake to ourself, found the sand bar that lets you walk to the middle of the lake and took a swim. In the end it was 9.4 miles total. Definitely a must see.

Nice hike. Little overgrown in spots and a bit of scramble to get to the falls. The water was beautiful and cool :)

14 days ago

Hiked this on 8/5/18. It's a really good climb at 2,500 ft. We parked down near the highway and walked the .4 miles to the trailhead, so the total was 10.4 miles. The terrain changes from nice forested path, to rambling over tons of fallen trees, to super dusty silt and rock. The views were obscured mostly by haze today. Otherwise, I could imagine they'd be beautiful. We saw only one other person on the trail, which was great. From the top, you can see Duffy Lake and Mowich Lake. Along the hike is a small lake. I'd rate this hike more of a 3.5 stars due to all the fallen trees in the path, like 50 or more, and when you stopped to rest, you were harassed by flies and near the end of the day mosquitoes. We got beat up a few times trying to find workarounds. I can't deny that it was an awesome workout.

I’ve done this twice now! It is a beautiful one to keep coming back to. Pack bug spray!!

Really enjoyed this hike! There were two or three different waterfalls that were pretty neat. The last mile up to the falls is a little bit of a butt kicker but the waterfall is worth it. You can also continue a mile past the falls and head to Vivian Lake. The shore was a little muddy but it was great for a swim to cool down! The way back is all downhill and fairly shaded. Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.

22 days ago

This is a good little run up the mountain. It's more difficult than moderate. It's a good path but steep. Go in the summer. Normally snow till July, but this year it was clear in April. Take a truck, some cars could make it but as someone that has done it with a car I advise at least something with clearance. Rocks fall on the road all the time and it can be sketchy trying to get around as one side is a straight drop off and the other side of the road is a wall. One of the best views!

25 days ago

The drive up is freaky and the hike is very steep on one side. The view is worth it though. There were also a lot of flies on the hike but also beautiful butterflies. I recommend not to do this hike in 90 degree weather like I did.

Very great little hike! Not too hard at all, some up hill parts, but just enough to speed your breath up. The map seemed to be a bit off, but I’m no expert on that. Very beautiful and green. Plan to go back with a hammock and a book!

First, there's no parking/usage fees but there is limited parking near the gate (right after a large brown/green house on the left and a scenic byway sign on the right), otherwise you'll have to park off the highway. Id say near the gate it'll probably fit 6-7 cars.
Second, this is great for dogs but probably not smaller or older dogs as there are some downed logs and large rocks you have to get over.
Third, there's some streams but easily maneuvered around. I imagine in spring they are not passable without walking through them.
Fourth, there are quite a few spots with growth hanging over the path, no biggie for most, but some may want to wear long sleeves/pants. Some growth is salmon(?)berry bushes with small thorns.
All in all, the hike was awesome! Some spots where you need to hoof it but the end is worth it. The falls near the House Rock are beautiful. Got there at 8 and saw no one else until we were almost back at the beginning.

Great hike for kids and also good for elderly although they might have stop a few times before they reach the waterfall. They’re are a lot of great view points and one of the best waterfalls is at the beginning of the hike. Definitely recommend

a very nice trail . great view points and I liked that the view points were marked. great family hike for my 5yr and 6yr. trail I feel went up hill numerous times.. you'll feel it..

2 months ago

Really cool hike, with epic views. Bring your bug stuff, mosquitos were really bad. Still patches of snow up top (6/17/18) that obscure the trail, but only for a few hundred feet. Dozens of trees blocking the trail make for some good exercise! Try not to beat your own trail at these spots.

The diamond creek loop was fantastic! We took the extra short hike down to the base of Salt Creek- well worth it!
The out and back portion takes you to fall creek falls (and continues on 2 miles that to Vivian Lake, which we did not do). The last approx. 3/4 mile to Fall Creek falls is pretty steep and filled with mosquitoes. While I appreciated the workout, the waterfall itself didn’t make the climb and the 20+ mosquito bites worth it. The view left a lot to be desired. Unless you want the extra workout and brought your bug spray, I’d skip this portion and stick with the loop. The loop trail does not disappoint!

off road driving
2 months ago

The drive up to this trail is insane. We got all the way up and didn’t even hike bc we were so spooked by the road. It’s about 8 miles uphill on gravel.. and the very top where it is steepest/most narrow/huge cliff drop offs is the rockiest terrain. Even in 4 wheel drive it is scary, and few turn arounds. View at top is pretty but not worth dying over. Also would recommend a group bc you are very isolated. Currently logging is being conducted about 2.5 mi up, but we went on a weekend so wasn’t an issue (might be during the week). To safely drive it’s about 50 min ea. way.

Very pretty falls, good viewpoints, and an enjoyable trail in between. Great for anyone looking for an easily accessible moderate trail.

Overgrown in some areas with fallen logs can get around a good trail running trail for conditioning. The waterfalls are best viewed in the spring/early summer with the snow melt.
There are little blue diamonds throughout the trail that help guide you through the trails/overgrowth. When in doubt look for the blue diamonds.

Salt Creek falls was incredible. It’s accessible from the parking lot and a quick walk on a cement path. Diamond falls is a couples miles in, and there are two viewing points. Depending on which fork you take on the loop (I recommend going left first) you’ll get to see diamond falls from the upper view first. The second viewing point is the lower point. Part of this trail is washed out, I didn’t feel comfortable proceeding to this view point. From what we were told, the view is about the same as the upper point which is completely accessible, and just a view of the falls from a different angle. Don’t feel bad if you can’t make it, part of it is pretty sketchy. Go at your own risk.

Side note: there is a trail that will proceed off to Vivian lake, which is what I believe the primary hiker did on the main recording. A couple of miles in you reach a crossing that gets pretty deep. If you don’t mind getting your shoes soaked, or want to brave the cold water bear foot, then take this trail. Even if you don’t make it to the lake, it’s still pretty awesome to see because there’s some snow left in this area.

Overall, this trail was completely worth the drive wherever you’re coming from!

Breathe taking. A must see!

Hiked on 4/26.
Gate still locked about .7 miles from parking lot. Snow on about 1/4 if the trail, so make sure you have waterproof boots. Blazes are easily visible when you can’t see the trail.
Both falls are in full volume so if you enjoy solitude, don’t mind a bit of snow, now is the time to hike.

Simple and well marked trail thru old growth. awesome destination at house rock. only one creek area that is potentially difficult to traverse depending on the water flow

Nice trail but can't do it all this time of year (March) without waterproof boots (or a willingness to finish the hike with wet feet). About 1.2 miles in there is a 20 foot wide creek flowing into the Santiam that cannot be crossed without getting into the water. During the summer months this is likely a small stream that is easily crossed but not this time of year. You will also find a small stream earlier in the hike. We were able to find a log just a bit upstream to cross this one or our hike would have ended there. We are looking forward to finishing this one come summer.

5 months ago

Snowshoe a short 2.5 miles into the Mountain View shelter for cozy overnight camping in a rustic(though recently constructed) cabin complete with 6 benches to sleep on and several hammock tie off points . Vault toilet. Wood stove. No firewood stocked at time of this post, but smaller snags in the area provided enough wood to burn for the night. 4 people stayed on Sunday night but it can be packed on Friday and Saturday. Beautiful night sky. Some peaks in sight ( N.sister, Mt. Wash, Three Fingered Jack) but Mountain View might be slightly overstated. Lots of snowshoe hare, coyote and bobcat prints. I snowshoed about 5 miles past the Maxwell Butte warming shelter on the way out, plenty of wood there, but no camping within 300’ allowed. All the waypoint maps were easily found along the route and clearly showed the trail ahead. Family friendly

Salt Creek Falls is really impressive. The road is closed .7 miles from the trailhead. Unable to reach the other waterfall due to the trail being covered in ice

6 months ago

Great easy snow hike with a shelter you can enjoy for camping. Shelter fits 4 so bringing a tent can be needed. Trail is easy even in winter, all on a forest road. I did a video here so you can see what it looks like recently. My only complaint is that people used the bathroom way too close to the shelter this year. My dog dug up some presents haha.


Two epic waterfalls can be seen here, Salt Creek and Diamond Creek Falls. Salt Creek is a quick walk while Diamond Creek is longer. This is a good spot to get into snow shoeing. Here is a video of my time here:

Stunning scenery and beautiful waterfall, great for a brief stop on the return from Crater Lake (especially if the lake is veiled in fog and you’re seeking redemption...)

Beautiful waterfalls! Will definitely come back!

10 months ago

About a foot of snow a mile before you hit the trail head. Beware! I had a Subaru and it was super icey and scary on the side of a cliff. Couldn’t hike because of that.

Gorgeous hike. This time of year it was a bit muddy and snow covered in some areas with some small trees down. All in all well worth the views and the waterfall by House rock is spectacular.

Fun hike with my son

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