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Absolutely beautiful!!

Beautiful trail along the river. Very busy trail including bikers. Bonus was the Tamolitch falls was flowing and it was beautiful!

1 day ago

The Good:
Definitely a trail for wildflowers but offers plenty of variety in scenery as you move between the forest and meadows. Not terribly strenuous at all but an easy going and very enjoyable hike.

We did have a few friendly encounters with mountain bikes, overall bike traffic was minimal. We encountered a few muddy sections of the trail but nothing serious.

Getting there:
The last 6+ miles of the drive are a constant climb up a single-lane, gravel road with several turn outs. Not at all difficult as long as you slow down and enjoy the surroundings. We had no problem getting there in a minivan.

beautiful hike. water is near trail and you can feel the spray at times.

The hike that follows this map actually starts at Trail Bridge Blue Pool trailhead and ends somewhere around Cold Water Cove on Clear Lake (I believe), so its going the opposite way from Belknap. I ran/hiked it yesterday! Luckily I knew going in.

Easy hike and very rewarding.

Nice trail and breathtaking views!

trail running
5 days ago

what an awesome hike! went all the way to Eagles Rest. Fantastic view.

Great waterfalls with an amazing hike through the forest. Didn’t want to blink.

Great trail! We did it on a Monday so there weren't any crowds, though after sitting at the Blue Pool for about 20min the crowds started coming from the opposite direction. Like one of the other reviews said, not a hard hike, but it is 12mi round trip so be ready for that.
We put our feet in the water at Clear Lake when we got back, had a beer and then hit the road. A great day!

A fantastic hike for wildflowers! You find them right away at the trailhead, and every turn brings more. We didn't go all the way to the mountain, just to what are referred to as "meadows", which are hillside gardens with many wonderful wildflowers. The second meadow had a mass of Arrowleaf balsamroot, and that was a good point to turn around at.

Lots of mountain bikes, so be careful on the narrow trail

Awesome trail! Get there early because by 10-10:30am it gets packed and you won’t be able to park!

Beautiful hike and not too hard. Pretty views all the whole trail.

9 days ago

So beautiful!

Loved taking my 4 and 15 year old sons here today! We all had an amazing time! It was a great workout with breathtaking scenery! We will definitely come back here again!

An amazing hike without much work to it. The water was incredibly clear and picturesque. There were a ton of people though which detracted a little from the overall experience.

Absolutely beautiful scenery. The water is amazingly clear with green pools. The trail is well maintained. I have not hiked in a long time, and just getting back into shape so I found this to be quite the workout. I agree with others that there are a lot of other hikers on this trail.

16 days ago

This was a great hike. At no point is it super demanding but it still makes you work here and there...and EVERYTHING is just stupid beautiful up there. If you take the bridge to the trail on the opposite side of the creek be sure you have some sturdy shoes...i was in trail runners and my feet still took a little bit of a beating. I will second the advice...go during the week. we thought we got up there pretty early on a Friday and there were still a fair number of cars in the parking lot and on our way back out a steady stream of people were starting to show up...this is a popular place and with good reason.

19 days ago

Good hike! Although if tying in to Eagles rest hike, be aware that there is about a 2 mile section between the end of Goodman and start of Eagles rest. According to my William Sullivan book it is 14 miles total when combined. I didn't find this out until after second guessing my internal odometer and read my book once reaching the top of Eagles rest. Fairly difficult altogether, but well worth it. There is a cool mini fall and log bridge on Goodman and a timber hut used for old pack trains back in the day; if you continue up to the rest. That's when you know you are in track. It gets tough after the second trailhead across the road, but keep plugging. The view is well worth it from the top!

20 days ago

I started this 14 mi. total round trip hike at the Hardesty/Goodman trailhead on Hwy 58. Separately Goodman and Eagles rest are moderate, but if you link them they are more difficult. Goodman ends at an unmarked campspot next to a mini falls. This is where it's mileage is calculated I believe. I kept plugging along past the 2 trailheads, one is about 2 mi. and the upper is .7 mi. from the top. Very gorgeous view from the top and well worth the full trek. Very rewarding when you're done.

Great hike, even better views at the end.

21 days ago

This was a wonderful hike! Got to the top of the rock in two hours and enjoyed it the entire way! I saw about 7 cyclists in a group heading down and 3 other hikers. Would definitely recommend this hike

What a great hike! Uphill and downhill varies throughout so that is nice. You can see the river for most of the hike. Both Falls are accessible if you can’t do the whole hike. But if you can, the hike is beautiful and lots of nice shade on a hot day. Started at Sahalie Falls and went down the steps to the left...keep going past Koosah Falls and down to the Reservoir bridge. Take that right and go all the way down to the restrooms. The trail continues down there on the right (but all the way by the restrooms). There are a couple of other inlets on the way but I have no idea where they go I can only tell you that! Go back up on the other side of the river, around above Sahalie Falls, and to the bridge - no the log is not the bridge don’t panic like I did haha keep going it’s very close! More spectacular views as you make your way back to Sahalie Falls parking area. Saw dogs, kids, bikes, etc. very crowded but it’s a holiday weekend.

just hiked this trail Saturday and it has been improved since we hiked it 2 yrs ago, easy hike, beautiful views ❤

24 days ago

The trail was short very, small path, was very hard to find. The road up to it was kinda small and had very large and deep pot holes.

Great trail with the river in view most of the time, the falls were great. It kinda kicked my but at the end man am I out of shape.

26 days ago

Great hike in the middle of the forest. It follows the creek and has a small waterfall. One end meets up with Eagles Rest trail. It is about 2 miles long and small incline in places. Great view of the lake and mountains.

26 days ago

Very nice trail, when you start it will be down hill to the creek below which meets up with Goodman trail. It is shorter so I recommend planning to add Goodman trail also.

I really enjoyed this hike. The water is an amazing blue green and there are many pools to take a swim in. A little too cold yet, but will be going back. Weekends are very busy. If you like solitude you will not find it here during peak times. Definitely worth a trip out, but likely better during the week.

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