Photos of Willamette National Forest Bird Watching Trails

Hiked 1/19/19. Road to trailhead is open thankfully. We weren’t sure if it’d be closed for the winter. Definitely challenging to find the waterfall in the winter-snow was covering most of the trails the higher we got. Thankfully a few people left pretty detailed directions as to how to get there-specifically the outbound collective, while researching on the internet, so we were able to find them! The last part, scramble to get down to the falls I ended up putting spikes in my hiking shoes. It was steep, snowy and icy and they helped me A LOT. Pretty dangerous to go without any this time of year. Was a challenge but we did it and it was absolutely beautiful! Would definitely like to come back when there’s no snow to go down to the bottom of the falls and not freeze getting soaked by them.