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7 hours ago

Tuya Volcano
Hayrick butte was a sub-glacial volcano. It formed like jello in an icy mold. Rapid cooling of the lava created its sheer walls and gave Hayrick butte a distinctive flat top. Starting clockwise from the bottom lift of Hoodoo-There are a series of ohv trails that skirt the base along the north side, I followed those through rocky ledges and boulders for about a mile, then right onto big lake road for 1.5miles along the east side. From big lake rd after the 810 and before the 860 road I spotted a way up through a talus slope and gained Papp a ridge on the NE side to ascend the butte. It took about 30 minutes to get up and was fairly easy with occasional use of hands. It is forested up top and not as flat as it appears from a distance. I only saw the one way up, so was careful to keep track of the route. Continuing clockwise along the south to the right turn on 860 dirt ohv trail then right on 20 and another right on 22. It will take you over the saddle between Hayrick butte and Hoodoo mt returning you to the area behind the bottom lift. Some of the most spectacular cliffs are near the saddle where sheer walls rise hundreds of feet and giant blocks of stone litter the base of the butte. Pretty cool for a road walk!

Rigorous uphill. At the top there is no view to speak of, but it is a great workout. Do it on the regular because it's only 30 minutes from Eugene. I sometimes return downhill on Eula ridge trail and use the South Willamete trail to get back to the Hardesty trailhead, it will add about 5 miles

10 hours ago

Early snow! A dusting at the trailhead gradually built up to about two feet by the time I got to Divide lake. Was hoping for a scramble up Mt Yoran but no dice. Great opportunity to see animal tracks you might not see up in the high country in the winter though. Bobcat, coyote, deer etc.Loaded up on the bumper crop of huge huckleberries around Notch lake on the way in and out Yum

on Opal Creek Trail

22 hours ago

An amazing hike. Diamond creek falls is incredibly beautiful!

3 days ago

Loved this trail! A little narrow and overgrown in some places, but beautiful scenery. The trail is definitely longer that 5.6 miles total. We turned around before the trail ended and we did 7.25 miles total.

Great short hike!

Beautiful hike . Water is so Blue. The falls Amazing . Trails are good . Love this hike

My wife picked this one out. Little hidden gem right off Hwy 58. I wasn't sure what to expect, but we experienced lightly travelled trails with a few great viewpoints and waterfalls. We ran into only a few other hikers, and had a nice quiet outing. Great waterfalls!

7 days ago

Great 6 mile hike along the river. Good trail for mountain biking.

The trail is a little bit overgrown. I found the view at the top lacking, but the rock pinnacle was nice to see. I would have enjoyed the trail more if it went further up the mountain ridge.

Great trail. I would recommend back packing and walking out next day. Or parking another car at the end. If it's summer bring you suit