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Such a beautiful day. Very crisp and the sun even came out! Little to no snow with some cloud coverage.

Could see little pieces of Mt. Jefferson. Loved this hike!

I went on a steady drizzly day on December 2nd and I had the trail and Blue pool all to myself. One of my favorite hikes!

Hiked part of the trail today. wasn't properly attired so unable to do the entire thing. What I was able to do was lots of fun. I usually home by myself and enjoy the peacefulness of being out in nature.

Frosty but not slick. A sunny day in December, 28 degrees and barely any snow, only at that bend on the north slope. Amazing views from the summit. Detroit Lake is a stream, Mt. Jefferson is splendid with snow cover.

15 days ago

This is one of my favorite hikes! I typically cross the first bridge to take the trail on the opposite side of the creek then come back through Jawbone Flatts and on the road. It’s a pretty easy hike :)

This place is amazing! So much to see and do! Crystal clear water. Multiple falls and the pools. Wow!

As many people mention, this hike is on a gravel road. To be honest, I would rate it easy until you go to the pools. If you choose to take the path from the pools back down to the bridge it is hard! Lots of rocks and water on the trail (late fall) plus if you go this route it is closer to 8 or 8.5 miles than 6.5 miles. I usually hike in goretex runners. My feet were sore from all the scrambling.

16 days ago

Amazing, especially if you like being up close and personal with a volcanic eruption zone! The field of obsidian at the base of the mountains sparkles like diamonds. Lots of springs & alpine meadows. Easy to medium difficulty. Walked the last four miles out by the light of a full moon, which I photographed rising over Middle Sister. Didn’t need a flashlight! Went mid-September, fewer hikers but cool and rather windy. Excellent hike!

Three pools, medium to small in size, hot as can be and ultimately refreshing! I love coming here to meditate.

20 days ago

Stunning scenery and beautiful waterfall, great for a brief stop on the return from Crater Lake (especially if the lake is veiled in fog and you’re seeking redemption...)

Family-friendly hike. Very icy at the viewpoint for Sahalie Falls, otherwise slushy/snowy along the trail. Lots of visitors.

24 days ago

One of my favorite hikes!

Loved hiking this trail today. It was quiet and well maintained. Fun to hike through some snow as well! It was a good workout and the view was totally worth it!

29 days ago

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