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It was definitely worth it!!
I brought my doggo and a friend (it was both their first time hiking)!! The trail was easy going and fairly traveled. Ran into a lot of people- probably because we went on a weekend.

14 hours ago

I've done this trail twice, and both times it had very low foot traffic. The lakes and meadows were beautiful, and this hike quickly became one of my favorites.

However, a couple of notes. When you first start the trail about 100 yards in, you'll go over two logs that were cut in half as a "bridge". It'll let you take a right or left. The right will take you down to the lake and is meant for scenery purposes - it doesn't lead anywhere. Taking a left is the way to the rest of the trail.

Upon going about 3.5 miles into the hike, there is a sign that says you can take a left onto Gordan Lakes Admin trail. The map Paul posted does not go this way. The Admin trail takes you to a campground (as I heard) about 1.5 miles off course. There is another deviation called Weiderman Trail that takes you to the right - also not the correct way. It's pretty straightforward however and hard to get lost, but still good to know.

The only downside to this trail is that it literally ends on a road. No idea where the road goes, but there's nothing spectacular about it.

Amazing views!

Probably my favorite hike in Oregon so far. The pool is one of the most magical things I've ever seen. Definitely recommend.

Super easy hike with wonderful views.

Awesome hike and absolutely gorgeous pool :)

Beautiful waterfalls. Very easy trail. Very nice for an easy walk after a harder hike!

Nice trail. The blue pool is stunningly beautiful! Went midday in Wednesday and it was not crowded and a few small groups at the pool!