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Gorgeous. fields of wildflowers all over. Not much snow (easy in running shoes). Tons of mosquitoes even with a breeze. Take the side trail on the right that winds up the slope 3FG instead of trying to go up the massive scree hill! Also it's pretty exposed so caution with dogs getting too hot, esp their paws on the dark rock.

This was my first hike in Oregon and it was amazing! The wildflowers were in bloom and made for wonderful pictures along the way. Reaching the peak was amazing!!!

1 day ago

Such gorgeous views at Jefferson park! The trail is mostly melted out, but there's a bit of snow left that isn't hard to cross. However, the mosquitos came out in full force our second day there! For a day hike, we continued along the PCT and climbed up to a ridge with a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood. There was quite a bit more snow but we were able to navigate and cross easily. There is a glitch in the All Trails gps track for this trail on the way up to Jefferson Park. We ran into someone using Gaia Gpa who had the same issue, so the trail must have been rerouted or something. Before you hit the PCT the app will show you're off course, but you're not. Once you hit the PCT the All Trails app will line up again with the trail.

Left Bend around noon, made it to the trail head at one. We hiked all the way up the river to the falls. One of the most amazing hikes I have done in a long time. I have been backpacking and hiking my entire life and can honestly say this is a must do trail. You won't be disappointed. You can hike it in a day or take your packs and make an overnight trip of it. We started to hike out around 4 and made it back to the truck around 6-ish. Made the drive back to Bend with plenty of sun still in the sky.

You can access this trail if you come in on FS Road 1993 from Cougar Dam. The road is located right next to the Echo trailhead on the east side of the lake. Five miles up is the Saddle Trail head which climbs about 1300 ft in 1.8 miles to the Olallie Trail just north of the Horse Pasture Mtn. junction.. You can also drive another 6 miles past this point (the road is in good shape) to the Pat Saddle Trailhead, The trail runs right thru here, and you can head south about 3 miles to the top of Olallie Mtn or north 6.5 miles back to Horse Pasture Mtn.

2 days ago

Incredible sunset view. To save time on the hike, get directions to NFD Road 038 and start at that trailhead.

I've trekked this trail almost 5 times, and each one is different and better than the last. It's breathtaking and ever changing. The trail itself is fairly easy, until the end which becomes pretty steep. So be prepared. Definitely a great choice for dogs and children!

Very very busy- a lil tricky to find the trail down to the pool, follow the rocks.

Wonderful! You come up on the pool higher up, but can also take the trail around and down to stick your toes in it. You follow the river just about the whole way there, which offers a nice breeze. Make sure to check out views along the way.

The rocks near the pool are pretty jagged, we'd suggest wearing water shoes. We also saw a few small snakes along the trail.

For those of you that didnt complete the whole trail.
Starting right before Dolly Varden CG(which has a bridge you can jump off of into the deep water to cool off) the trail goes up creek(right side) until you reach the Clark Fire Burn Zone and come to NF-18 just after a bridge.
Cross bridge to other side(Left) of river and continue on Clark creek trail(not well marked). At this point you can notice much less traffic and over grown grass. recommend stopping at slick. a short 50ft walk and you get to see the old native cave.
trail forks at bedrock CG. continue on Trail or head to camp. To get back on trail, go north from camp site #1 trail heads north off of dirt road(not well marked) in CG that turns around at the gate.
From here the trail heads up the mountain and at some point you stay right(up creek) at the jones trail junction, which continues up the mouintian. The trail was the most over grown in this section. I did some clearing while out there but some inlet portions are overgrown. after a while the trail joins back with fall creek and you will have more opportunities to stop for a dip.
At the junction of Rd 1828 you will find a parking lot.( Trail head #4 on google)
From here cross over road 18 and find continue on with the trail. Often you will find people here camping at the trail head. trail continues north and you cross over a trail bridge to be back on the right side of the creek for the duration of the trail. At some point you will reach a section that has tape strung across the old trail and the new trail heads up the mountain to avoid a dangerous slide area. it reconnects to the trail no problem.
Trail ends at road 1833(trail head #5 on google).
Overall amazing trail not difficult just needs a little more traffic to avoid being swallowed by the forest.
P.S. Continue 3 miles up fall creek to see fall creek falls. Cross over bridge, past 2 slide zones, people parallel park on right side of road.
Hope this Helps!

Currently there is a landslide blocking the road about 4 miles away from the trailhead so we couldn't hike it at this time. The last 10 miles to get to the trailhead are up the side of a mountain on a gravel trail. Not too terrible a drive, but take some caution.

I just did this trail today with my girlfriend. It's a great quick little loop to see two beautiful waterfalls. If you are traversing the McKenzie Pass on your way to Eugene or to Bend, make sure to make the quick stop. You won't regret it.

Beautiful falls!!

3 days ago

Mosquitos weren't bad last Sunday but things changed over night on Monday... bring bug spray! Beautiful views!

lots of mosquitoes! use DEET.

3 days ago