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3 months ago

Absolutely stunning in the spring.

Quick short trail with great views! I was worried about the drive up, but my small car (Toyota Corolla) did fine on the 45 minutes of gravel/dirt road. I would recommend this trail!

6 months ago

The first 11 or so miles is REALLY up and down. If I were to do this hike again, I would start halfway and just do the last 20 miles for scenery. I wouldn’t do the first 20 miles again. The trail is most often a long distance from the river and only seldom affords a view of the river you came to enjoy. I would recommend this if you’re in good shape and don’t mind the constant undulations of up and down on the trail.

7 months ago

Short and sweet easy hike, with highly rewarding views for the effort, in a very remote area. Free camping at Buck Creek at this time of the year.

I only completed 19 terrifying miles on this trail. Of the 19 miles at least 85% was narrow trail (less then 30”) along a cliff edge any where from 100 to 700 feet above the river, rock wall on one side and precipitous drop off on the other. I am afraid of heights and circumstances (private raft support) had me definitely completing more miles then I was comfortable with. The trail has many slides and several obstructions. It is a continual up and down. We were told that Devils Backbone was closed because of a slide leaving Huggins as your only alternative. This trail really should have a “fear of heights” advisory

Just finished this as an out and back (starting and ending at the Rogue River Trailhead on the West side). 80 miles in 3 days.

It was amazingly beautiful (though I liked the first 20 and last 20 miles the most). And one reason I picked this trail was because of the lack of crowds. Yes, there are rafters down below, but I saw only two small groups of backpackers and two other small groups of hikers the whole 80 miles.

Finding a spot to camp can be challenging. Especially because of the holiday (Labor Day weekend), people rafted in to camp ... so most of the spots right in the water were crowded. I ended up setting up camp far away from their noise.

I was not expecting part of the trail was on pavement ... I thought I made a wrong turn so added a couple of miles. Also, since there are plenty of other paths (especially to get to the river), you can easily make a wrong turn.

Also appreciated that there was a water source (that I filtered) at least every 4 miles (many times much closer).

This hike is NOT HARD. Moderate IMO. The blackberry bushes can be annoying ... and be careful walking through the flattened long grass as I tripped a couple of times.

Would love to hike this trail again starting from the East side.

8 months ago

The view was amazing! We did the longer route about 3 miles one way so I would consider this as hard hike but everything was worth it.

9 months ago

Was t able to reach the trail due to fire concerns and logging trucks on a one vehicle road.

9 months ago

Beautiful views. Views from the top are stunning.

I would not recommend turning on Rock Creek. Go into Powers and GPS will reroute you. About 10 minutes past Rock Creek on 42.

9 months ago

Did this in a leisurely 7 days in mid-July. The scenery was spectacular and the trail was well-engineered and well-maintained. A few things to keep in mind:
- Be prepared for 100-degree temps at this time of year.
- Most of the trail is 50-100 feet above the river, so don't expect to use the river for midday drinking or swimming. There are many campsites by the river, though. At this time of year, there were still plenty of creeks crossing the trail for drinking water.
- Poison oak is everywhere.
- Outside of the designated camping areas, and even inside them, there are few level places to pitch a tent or even to sit down. You're always on the side of a hill. I was glad to have a hammock instead of a tent.
- In many places, you're walking a narrow trail on a steep scree hillside, which can be intimidating.
Beautiful place though!

on Rogue River Trail

9 months ago

Hands down my favorite backpacking location! I have done it 2 years now and it has become a yearly tradition. Every day offers gorgeous and unique scenery. Just be cautious of the ticks and poison ivy which are everywhere!

IF YOU HAVE A DOG I highly recommend putting dog boots on them for the extremely rocky areas until you get to Blossom Bar. Last year I made the mistake of not bringing boots for my 45lb dog and his feet were really beaten up even though he has pretty tough paw pads and hikes often.

Awesome trail. Hiked from Grave creek to horseshoe bend where we camped for the night. Did a day hike starting late our second day to Kelsie creek to fish and swim. Then hiked out our third day. Beautiful weather and gorgeous views. Loved the challenge of the hike and immediately wanted more. Next time we are hiking the entirety of the trail.

10 months ago

I went for a day-hike on the Rogue River trail in mid-June, on a partly cloudy day.

I parked at the Grave Creek boat-ramp lot. The first thing I saw was a brand-new jeep with broken windows, doors and hood open. Parking overnight here for a multi-day trip might not be the best idea when planning a backpacking trip. The trailhead IS remote, at least 20 to 30 minutes from populated centers.

The route I followed was an out-and-back with a turnaround point at Black Bar, just across from the lodge. This make it a little shy of the 20 miles mark which I reached by making a side trip to Rainie falls (NOT the official Rainie Falls trails on the south bank, just the .5 miles spur on the north bank) and walking across the bridge to the south bank trailhead upon my return to the parking area.

The 9.3 miles to Black Bar start with a 2 miles section that is probably the most “difficult” one of the route. It is quite rocky, exposed, and consists of a succession of ups and downs that do not provide your legs and lungs with a nice progressive warm-up. All along this section, you can see the Rainie falls trail across the river, on the south bank. One advantage of the lack of cover is that this section provides the best open/sweeping views of the Rogue River Valley (for the first 10 miles anyway as I did not go further than Black Bar…)

The next 5 miles or so are less schizophrenic; the trail has more long-ish level sections, with softer and easier footing, and is shaded most of the time. It is also where the first series of campsites can be found if starting late for a multi-day trip. Large parties, including rafting groups, appear to make Whiskey Creek one of their favorites; there are however more camping options on the west side of the creek where a pit toilet is located.

West of Whiskey creek, and until mile 7 or so, a few short spurs descend to the river’s edge and access a limited number of primitive camp sites. Most of them are in proximity to the few creeks that flow down to the rogue.

The last 2.5 miles, the trail becomes noticeably more rocky and with a bit of an “ascent” west of Bronco creek before descending back down to Bunker creek; this is followed by a shorter ascent to the junction with the Black Bar spur trail dropping down to the river. The edge of the river is quite rocky here with a very narrow sandy incline that does not provide much of a "beach" or comfortable lunch “accommodations”.

At approximately mile 2, the spur trail to Rainie falls (.5 miles round-trip) descends quickly to the valley floor (some campsites here) and then becomes rapidly overgrown and rocky as it cuts its way through the jumble of boulders and lush vegetation covering the river bed. The views of the falls (or rapids?) are not to die for but it is still a spot worth visiting for its proximity to the river.

As noted by many, the valley is a favorite of wildlife too and I came across the mandatory rattlesnake (well, I heard its warning from the steep slope to my left, apparently at eye level… I moved away w/o trying to locate the precise source of the rattle), but also a soaring bald eagle and many more common raptors.

While the area can no doubt be very hot, there were many flowing creeks on this mid-June day and I only carried water for about 5 miles, making short stops to filter and replenish at good flowing streams.

The trails is mostly high up on the north slope of the Valley. A sign around the 1 miles mark shows the historical high water mark at 55 feet above the summer time river bed (!) and that is about the average height of the trail which only dips to the floor at Whisky Creek (vast and flat area) and at a handful of much smaller creeks.
I did not meet anyone on the trail for the 9.3 miles in but met about half a dozen backpacking parties when I retraced my steps in the afternoon. All day, rafts were working their way down the river. Remote but still fairly high-traffic area.

Note: as of June 2018, the link below provides in-depth information about the trail: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5346991.pdf

Such a beautiful hike! With the river always close, there were so many awesome views. We hiked just over 10 miles the first day and it was constantly up and down with a lot of loose rock. We did an out and back because it was our first backpacking trip. The trail was well maintained and had great signage. I definitely recommend the Rogue River trail!

We only did a couple miles because of time restraint but the ground we covered showed us some amazing landscape. Definitely want to do the whole 40!

10 months ago

Amazing trail! So much history and natural beauty. We did the hike over Memorial Day weekend and the trail was super busy. Normally, it's fairly quiet with lots of space to spread out. That being said, everyone we encountered was friendly and nice and we had no trouble finding a campsite each night. The trail is well marked and/or easy to follow. We only had a couple of places where the trail had been rerouted that gave us pause as to which way to go (mostly the switchbacks on the Foster Bar side). The trail varies quite a bit over the course of the 40 miles. There's grasslands, forested hillsides, rocky outcroppings, and flat-ish meadows to walk through. I think roller coaster is the best way to describe the trail. There is a lot of climbing up and then down. We're both in good shape, but were a bit sore and worn out by the end of the day. I had read that there were parts of the trail that are not good for people with a fear of heights (that's me), but I didn't have any trouble at any point along the trail. There are parts of the trail that are up high above the river, but they didn't feel dangerous or sketchy. All in all, a wonderful hike! Definitely recommend going in the cooler months and when the wildflowers are blooming. :)

on Rogue River Trail

10 months ago

We completed the 40 miles with some raft breaks last week. Weather and wildflowers were perfect so I recommend May. The poison oak and some narrow trails were of concern but the hike was fabulous and well worth it for the views, lodges, creeks, and enjoyment of nature. We saw 4 other hikers on the trail over four days. Our average age was high 60s and no one had any issues - great hike!

on Rogue River Trail

10 months ago

awesome trail. my wife and I hiked this trail with a friend in July, it was 100+ degrees but the streams we're cool and refreshing. We did it in 4 days and 4 nights. thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The trail is long but not difficult, very easy.

Very nice early season hike early May. Only went in 9 miles from Graves Creek to just past Bunker Creek. Bunker Creek best campsite we came across. Poison oak got us despite our vigilance (foraging for camp wood is what did it). Lots of wildflowers. Trail has a nice steady elevation. Will be doing the loop next time.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Worth it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Smooth, fresh and vibrant. Great trail.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Overall this was an awesome backpacking trip. 4 days was perfect. I took my two golden retrievers and wish I had booties for them. Miles of sharp rocks did a number on their pads. Luckily I ran into friends rafting along the trail, on the third night, and they were able to take one of my dogs for me. Also the ticks were awful, especially the first two days. I did a chewable tick prevention and it obviously didn’t work. The weather was perfect low just under 40 and highs about 70. I cannot imagine hiking this trail in the summer, it would be absolutely miserable. There’s a lot of sun exposure especially on the first half of the trail. I’m pretty sure the map is in River miles and the trail is somewhere between 45 to 50 miles, depending on who you talk to. I may do the trail again soon with the GPS just for my own satisfaction.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

One of my favorite hikes!

Monday, March 05, 2018

I only went as far as Whiskey Creek cabin, well after a short detour that passed the cabin. It was a great day for the hike. I pretty much had the trial to myself. The only problem that I had was trying to cross some of the waterfalls because of the recent weather. I am a nervous nelly and that is why I had a problem. However, if I could do it, then anyone could. :-) I wil totally do this hike again.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Did this last year and was not disappointed. Best long trail I’ve done in quite a long time.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

LOVED this trail! My husband and I completed it in a grueling two-day trek. The eastern portion is clearly signed at every landmark with mile markers, but the western part is hardly signed at all (but the trail is still easy to find). The views are breathtaking and it made for a wonderful trip.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

I have hiked the entire trail twice and the Mariel, Blossom Bar is my favorite section. These sections can be reached by vehicle and worth the drive for a day hike or spending the night. Awesome hike anytime of the year!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Gorgeous views!!! Easy hike. Bring water, phone or camera. And maybe a blanket to spread out if you want to hang out just to just soak it all in (highly recommended)

on Hanging Rock Trail

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Although the roads are in rough condition to get to the trail head (mainly just the last couple miles), the hike was completely worth the trek. First I recommend stopping along the way to the various waterfall viewpoints the park offers. The hanging rock trail itself is in good condition and leads you through a forest where a fire came through in the early 2000's so some of the older growth still has char marks on the base, which is cool to look at. The path is a reasonably steep climb, so if you are coming with kids prepare for some pit stops along the way to catch your breath. Once you get to the top the view is phenomenal. If heights don't bother you carefully go onto hanging rock because the viewpoint is one of a kind for such a short hike. Regarding the roads, we went with friends and we both had Subaru foresters - if possible I recommend a suv type vehicle. If that's not possible you can feel it out or find a place to park on the shoulder of the road farther down. Make sure you do that before the road gets too narrow, otherwise cars won't be able to get around you. The biggest problem with the road is huge divots and uneven surface.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hiked the first 7 miles starting at Graves Boat Launch. Must say the beginning was the most difficult with loose rock and uneven footing. Beautiful area. Enjoyed the little cabin at Whiskey Creek. Many beautiful camping spots. Took a dip in the river to cool off. Great day.

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